Thursday, March 20, 2014

GOT Polish Ruffles

Today's prompt for Crumpet Nail Tarts GOT Polish challenge is ruffles.  This is a technique I have never used before because....well, it is a little busy and I tend to like uncluttered nails.  To combat this, I decided to use muted colors and since I have been having "green withdrawl" since St Patrick's Day, I used a few greens in my favorite color, tan and purple.

With Flash
Artificial Light

I started with two coats of my favorite nude holo, Butter London All Hail the Queen.  This was one of my first Butter polishes and has not received near enough love from me! 

Next I overlapped dots of China Glaze OMG a UFO, China Glaze Agro and Avon Soft Velvet.  I love both of these greens....but then again, I have never met a green I don't like....but have not used them in forever.  Avon Soft Velvet is a lovely purple matte that has never actually graced my tips previously.  All of these are over a year old.  Poor neglected polish!  Here comes the pic spam!

Since this was my first time with this technique, I Googled for a tutorial and grabbed the first one I saw.  After everything was done and I was editing the pics, I realized that maybe the tut I followed was not exactly correct.  I mean, this does not look like ruffles to me, but more like layered clouds.  I started (as the tutorial showed) at the cuticle and worked my way down the nail.  For ruffles, I think I should have started at my free tip and worked towards the cuticle so the "bumps" faced down rather than up.  Just a little thing, but I am obsessive enough that it kinda bugs me.  Oh well, lesson learned!

What is your opinion?  Are these "upside down"?  Do you like my color combo?  If you don't...well, I will keep my opinion to myself :)  Don't forget to check the other ruffles (especially Pointless Cafe!  That girl cracks me up!).

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