Sunday, March 17, 2013

It's Not Easy Being Green For Frogs....But a Duck?

Does it surprise you that the theme for Adventures in Stamping is St. Patrick's Day?  No?  Me neither.  Luckily I am one of those weird people that like green polish.  Seriously!  Green coordinates with so many other colors and can be so varied.  I think the only color I like better than green on my tips is brown.  Tell you anything about me?  Anyways, here is what I came up with.

Why am I hiding my thumb?  This is why!

Yes....after over a month of no breaks (thanks to OPI Nail Envy) I broke my thumbnail pulling on my damn work shoes.  I think if the pressure would have been pushing towards my thumb, rather than away from it, it would have stayed intact....but no.  Oh well, if you notice my thumbs absence, know that it will only be for a short time while she recovers.  I hate when nails are uneven, but I just can't bring myself to shorten all the rest of my little tips to match, so she is going to have to go into hiding for awhile (tee hee).

I started this enchanting mani with my first PicturePolish.....the stunning Mallard.  This enchanting polish was made in collaboration with The Polishaholic, one of my fav nail bloggers.  I know I gush about a almost every polish I wear, but this has a special place in my heart.  First it is this deep, vampy green gelly.  Reminds me of the pine forests of northern Minnesota, shadowy and deep.  Secondly, it has flakies, the kind that originally turned me on to flakies, the green to orange bending ones.  Plus, how perfect is the name for this?  Even my hubby commented on how much it fits.  AND, one of my litmus tests for polish is how many people comment on my nails at work, especially perfect strangers.  This one passed the test.

I wore this lovely for 2 days with nothing on it, because I didn't want to adulterate it's beauty.  This was my one and only for two whole days, so these pics are two coats, and the finished ones are three, since I added a coat before stamping to cover up tip wear.  Speaking of tips, my only wish is that this was a better tip wrapper, but I find that most gellies don't do good with tip wrapping, so...what is a girl to do?  I thought about adding a glitter gradient to the tips, but just couldn't cover this ducky up (tee hee) so you will just have to put up with semi nude tips.  

Since this was for AIS, I had to add some stamping.  This polish is just too sophisticated for shamrocks IMHO, so I looked for something else.  This image from Bundle Monster BM01 reminded me of a Celtic cross, so I went with it.  Stamped with my go to warm gold, China Glaze Magnetix Gold Fusion.  Now for some green spam.

Sigh, now to take these off and figure what to wear for my B-day!  Thanks for looking!  Hope your St. Patty's day is/was lucky.  Oh, before I forget.....Come back tomorrow for a little surprise! 


  1. Love these! The gold goes so well with the green and the little flakes of colour!

  2. Wow, Mallard is just beautiful!

    1. Isn't it though? I only wish there were more flakies....but that's just me and easily remedied :)