Sunday, October 12, 2014

A Little Nail Art for a Break from Comparisons

Are you tired of comparison posts for the BLOG SALE yet?  I know I am and there is more coming, so I took a break and did some nail art!  

This is my favorite time of year.  I love October and November better than any other months of the year.  The air turns crisp and so do the leaves.  Pumpkins show up on doorsteps and in pies.  Pumpkin spice all the stuff!  Latte, creamer, cream cheese and candles.  Whatever it is, I want it.  No, I need it!  I have been on the lookout for Ben & Jerry's pumpkin ice cream, but haven't found it yet and I am on my own personal crusade for pumpkin spice oreos.  Just imagine ginger cookies (instead of chocolate) with pumpkin Double Stuff.  My mouth is watering!

Of course this means pumpkins on my nails too!  I recently (like early summer) purchased some Chocolate Vanity plates through a AIS group buy and one was almost strictly for this image.  I love Mickey in the pumpkin!

Pic from Chocolate Vanity Source

Isn't it cute!  I am sure the Pooh and Valentine images will get use also, but that pumpkin!  Love it hard!

I used the stamping decal method to reverse color the image then applied to the nail over Two coats of China Glaze Lug Your Designer Baggage.

If you are a brown polish lover, like me, this is a must have IMHO.  Rich chocolate brown filled to the brim with warm flakie goodness?  Yes please!  It applies so smoothly and makes me want to lick my fingers.  Sorry if I just grossed anyone out!

I added a funky french tip with Messy Mansion MM19, again using the decal method.  Wish I would have placed them closer to the tips, but the first one was high, so they all had to be high, right?

Despite the flaws I can so clearly see, I LOVE this!  The perfect non-scarey Halloween manicure!

What do you think?  Do you like brown polish, or are you like my sister and think it looks like something that should come out of a diaper?  Is this your favorite time of year too?  If not, what is?  Are you happy to see some nail art?

As always, thanks for looking and commenting!  You guys are what makes blogging worthwhile!  And don't forget to check out my BLOG SALE.  NEW POLISH was added just yesterday and there are a bunch of discontinued indies just waiting for new homes!

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Saturday, October 11, 2014

Purple Texture Dupes


There are several colors I have a weakness for and purple is one of them.  Throw in some texture and I am hooked.  So today I am going to do a BLOG SALE comparison post on two purple "sand" polishes.

On the left is Milani Purple Gleam.  On the right is Zoya Carter.  Purple Gleam was one of my early drugstore purchases and I really love it.  Then I saw swatches of Carter and wanted it too.  You can see that they are different colors with Purple Gleam more red leaning and Carter blue leaning.  On to the nails!

This is one coat.  You can see that Purple Gleam is a one coat glitter, if you wanted.  It has a black base crap filled with purple glitter.  Carter, on the other hand, is a purple jelly base with a much less dense spattering of purple glitter.

Here we have two coats of purple gleam and three coats of carter.  Again, the color is in the same family, but more like cousins rather than siblings.  Purple Gleam has a smoother texture than Carter, if that matters to you.  Do I want to keep both of these?  Yes.  Am I going to?  No.  Head on over to my BLOG SALE to pick up the one that did not make the cut.

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Blog Sale Dupes

Today I have a comparison of two gold with pink glitter combinations in my BLOG SALE process.

Left Finger Paints Go Baroque -- Right Milani Golden Romance

On the left is Finger Paints Go Baroque.  On the right is Milani Golden Romance.  In the bottles they look different.  There seems to be more gold shimmer to Golden Romance.  The beauty of these was really hard to capture with my camera.  Only the last picture, taken outside, gives you a real sense of their majesty.  Let's see how it looks on the nails.

Here we have one coat over my horribly stained nails.  Index and ring are Golden Romance.  Middle and pinkie are Go Baroque.  Both have issues with clumping of the larger glitter. They look pretty much the same here.

Two coats above.  a little bit more distribution of the larger glitters, but basically the same.  Golden Romance may have a little bit more coverage at this point, but it is only the keen eye that would notice.

Three coats.  Most of the bare spots are covered with both.  Golden Romance may be a bit more yellow gold than bronze, but again, it is barely perceptible.  

Finally four coats.  Um....Dupes.  Total dupes in my book!  They both applied pretty much the same.  Dry time and removal was the same.

This gives you a bit better sense of how gorgeous these are.  Gold shimmer with rose and gold glitter.  It doesn't get more vintage than this!  So which one did I keep and which went into the blog sale?  Check out my store HERE to find out!

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Blog Sale!

Welcome one and all!  So many exciting things happening in my neck of the woods!  I won't spill all the beans yet, not wanting to jinx things, but know that I have been very busy!

With time on my hands and very little money, I have decided to jump into the world of blog sales.  I have been wanting to whittle down my collection for awhile, but it is difficult.  So I decided, being the organized person that I am, to do some comparisons of similar colors/glitters to narrow things down.  I am going to be sharing my findings with you and, at the same time, showing you some of what is in my blog sale.  Just know that there are lots of goodies over there, including some discontinued indies!

Today we have a comparison of a couple of holo glitter toppers.

Left Pahlish The Clock is Striking Twelve's - Right Finger Paints Peacock Portrait

On the left we have Pahlish The Clock is Striking Twelves, heretofore known as TCIST.  On the right is Finger Paints Peacock Portrait.  In the bottle they look similar, but not dupes.  Of course, my pictures do not capture the beauty of these glitters as the holo bits like to hide from the camera.  Let's see some swatches.

This is two coats of both over my horribly stained bare nails.   Index and ring is TCIST.  Middle and pinkie is Peacock Portrait.  There is a definite difference on the nail.  The glitter in TCIST is larger, where as there are small holo glitters in Peacock Portrait.  In addition to the holo glitters, they both contain black matte glitter, but TCIST has the addition of white squares and Peacock Portrait has teal glitter.  Lets Move on from my ugly nails :)

Here we have two coats over grey.  TCIST is chunkier and more full coverage.  With both of these, I tried normal application on the first coat.  I was somewhat successful with TCIST, just needed to go back and daub some bare areas.  Peacock Portrait, however, needed full daubage as the brush strokes draged the glitter down to the end of the nail.  I swiped on the second coat of TCIST, with success, and tried the same with Peacock portrait, but, again it needed daubage.

Finally, two coats of each over black.  I think this is where you can see the greatest difference as the white shows up in TCIST and the teal in Peacock Portrait.  Similar, but not dupes.  I think TCIST might succeed full coverage with three daubed coats, whereas it would take several more with Peacock Portrait.

These are both lovely glitters in their own rights, and it is tempting to keep them both, but I am thinning down, right?  Can you guess which one I kept and which one went to the blog sale?  Hop on over to see which one didn't make the cut....or was cut....or whatever.  See you tomorrow with another comparison!


Tuesday, September 30, 2014

My Life is a Train Wreck

A new month, a new challenge.  This month starts The Crumpet Nail Tarts Pick n Mix Challenge.  There is one prompt with two parts each week.  This week is two color gradient/teal.  You can do one nail art with two color gradient or one with teal or both on two different days or one with a gradient that includes teal.  Get it?  Sounds complicated, but it isn't, it just gives a lot of flexibility as to what you want to do.  Plus, the idea is to concentrate on your golden oldies and untrieds.

On top of the Mix n Match, I decided to continue to try and get some of the #31DC2014 prompts completed.  Plus Llama nails.  I am becoming the combo prompt queen!  Today's nail art is for inspired by a song (31DC2014), two color gradient (Crumpet Nail Tarts) and cartoon/anime.  Here we go!

These, once again, are Bria's sweet nails.  Why do I always do the complicated ones on Bria's tiny tips?  

I have recently discovered a children's program that was on for three seasons starting in 2006.  It is brilliant, funny and dark, which is right up my alley.  It is Ruby Doom.  I stumbled across it on Netflix and devoured two season within two days.  I Bingeflix!  This nail art was inspired by the following song.

Misery is a girl who's life is filled with, well, misery.  And she is in bed because she can only sing (well) when she is asleep.  

Anyway, I love this song and it fits my life perfectly right now.  I try not to throw my personal life into my blog too much, but since it relates to the song....Some of you know I lost my job.  Hunting for a new job after 12 years at the company is...well, let's say stressful.  Then my dog got sick.  After an expensive vet visit (which we can't afford because...well no job) we were given some pills and told to complete the course and see if he improved.  He seemed much better, until we completed the medication.  Then he started throwing up and having diarrhea again.  Took him into the vet today.  They did blood work and a rectal exam because he no longer will sit, only stand or lie down.  They found that he has kidney disease and a hard growth in his anal glands.  The growth may or may not be cancerous, but finding out would mean a biopsy, which, again, costs money.  And the kidney disease?  It has no cure and can only be managed with regular IV fluids.  All this to say that we are going to have to put him down.  If it was just one issue he was dealing with, we might pursue things further, but it would be for us, not him.  He is obviously (at least to me) suffering and he is old.  He was a stray, so our best guess is that he is 14 or older since we have had him for 13 years.    So this song fits right now.  Oh what the heck, throw in a sick dog.

I am keeping a stiff upper lip.  I continue to look for a job and give my dog as much love as I can, while I can, but I feel like my life is spinning.  That is why I continue to do my nails, and Bria's.  It is relaxing and brings me joy.  I may be posting less often, but don't expect me to disappear.  I hope you feel like that is a good thing!

On to the nails!

My two color gradient consists of Julep Millie, an indigo creme, and Arcane Lacquer Dreary days (fits, huh?).  Dreary Days is my untried.  It is a gorgeous grey filled with blue and black glitter.  These two go together perfectly IMHO.

I ended up really happy with this, except my middle finger.  Let me walk you through it.

I added Orly Diamond Days on pinkie and middle.  I don't know why I didn't add it to all of them, but I think I thought it would just be covered up with the stamping.

If you watched the video, you can figure most of these out.  The ring is my pitiful attempt at freehanding the bridge.  I tried to use an Eiffel Tower stamp, but it wasn't transferring, no matter what stamper I used. Oh well, you get the idea.  My thumb is for the line "Did that place you're in explode".  Love it!

I stamped everything but my thumb with MJ XX, my index with MJ XIX and ring with Vivid Lacquer VL 016.

I am kind of liking the multiple plate stamping right now.  The only problem with this is that the Mash plate image stamps backward and I didn't realize until we were done.  Unless you do a decal, it says BOOW instead of BOOM.

Bria, of course, loved this.  The more complicated, the better, in her opinion.  Plus she likes Ruby Gloom almost as much as I do.

Thanks for looking and commenting!  

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Buffalo Bill Nail Art

Life is getting in the way of nails around here :(  I had my water marble (you can see it HERE) for several days and finally forced myself to change it.  As I sat at my desk with a list of the prompts I had not completed yet for the #31DC2014, I spied a nail decal left over from THIS nail art.  It was done months ago but must have been hiding out under a polish bottle or something :)  As soon as I saw it, I knew I was going to do the book and movie prompt together, plus the skittles prompt for Blogger Braggers.

Yup, Silence of the Lambs was a book before it was a movie.  I have seen manis inspired by this movie before, but I wanted to concentrate on Buffalo Bill instead of Hannibal Lecter.

I started with two coats of LynBDesigns Battle Dress, a shimmery nude polish.  This is an older swatch pic, which is why my nails are shorter.  I need to go back to this length :).

The well is on my index finger, which of course had to include the bloody scratches and finger nail.  I sponged with Julep Daria (a dark grey) and Nails Inc Old Compton Street (a light grey texture) then stamped with LLC-B.  Scratches are Orly Naughty.

The middle finger is a decal using MoYou 67.  I double stamped the ring finger with Messy Mansion MM36, Mentality Prim and Mentality Foxy.  "It puts the lotion in the basket or it gets the hose again".

The pinkie was splattered with Orly Naughty, what I think is the perfect blood polish.  I did not clean up the cuticles on purpose for a more gory effect.

Finally I free handed Buffalo Bills hand tattoo on my thumb.  Did you know that the three tattoos he has are tattoos from three notorious serial killers, at least that is what I read somewhere during my research and you know everything on the internet is real :)

That's it kiddies.  I have the mood stone, not particularly because I love the nail art, but because I love my interpretation of the movie onto my nails.  Kinda like my Donnie Darko manicure you can find HERE

As always, thanks for looking and commenting!