Tuesday, September 30, 2014

My Life is a Train Wreck

A new month, a new challenge.  This month starts The Crumpet Nail Tarts Pick n Mix Challenge.  There is one prompt with two parts each week.  This week is two color gradient/teal.  You can do one nail art with two color gradient or one with teal or both on two different days or one with a gradient that includes teal.  Get it?  Sounds complicated, but it isn't, it just gives a lot of flexibility as to what you want to do.  Plus, the idea is to concentrate on your golden oldies and untrieds.

On top of the Mix n Match, I decided to continue to try and get some of the #31DC2014 prompts completed.  Plus Llama nails.  I am becoming the combo prompt queen!  Today's nail art is for inspired by a song (31DC2014), two color gradient (Crumpet Nail Tarts) and cartoon/anime.  Here we go!

These, once again, are Bria's sweet nails.  Why do I always do the complicated ones on Bria's tiny tips?  

I have recently discovered a children's program that was on for three seasons starting in 2006.  It is brilliant, funny and dark, which is right up my alley.  It is Ruby Doom.  I stumbled across it on Netflix and devoured two season within two days.  I Bingeflix!  This nail art was inspired by the following song.

Misery is a girl who's life is filled with, well, misery.  And she is in bed because she can only sing (well) when she is asleep.  

Anyway, I love this song and it fits my life perfectly right now.  I try not to throw my personal life into my blog too much, but since it relates to the song....Some of you know I lost my job.  Hunting for a new job after 12 years at the company is...well, let's say stressful.  Then my dog got sick.  After an expensive vet visit (which we can't afford because...well no job) we were given some pills and told to complete the course and see if he improved.  He seemed much better, until we completed the medication.  Then he started throwing up and having diarrhea again.  Took him into the vet today.  They did blood work and a rectal exam because he no longer will sit, only stand or lie down.  They found that he has kidney disease and a hard growth in his anal glands.  The growth may or may not be cancerous, but finding out would mean a biopsy, which, again, costs money.  And the kidney disease?  It has no cure and can only be managed with regular IV fluids.  All this to say that we are going to have to put him down.  If it was just one issue he was dealing with, we might pursue things further, but it would be for us, not him.  He is obviously (at least to me) suffering and he is old.  He was a stray, so our best guess is that he is 14 or older since we have had him for 13 years.    So this song fits right now.  Oh what the heck, throw in a sick dog.

I am keeping a stiff upper lip.  I continue to look for a job and give my dog as much love as I can, while I can, but I feel like my life is spinning.  That is why I continue to do my nails, and Bria's.  It is relaxing and brings me joy.  I may be posting less often, but don't expect me to disappear.  I hope you feel like that is a good thing!

On to the nails!

My two color gradient consists of Julep Millie, an indigo creme, and Arcane Lacquer Dreary days (fits, huh?).  Dreary Days is my untried.  It is a gorgeous grey filled with blue and black glitter.  These two go together perfectly IMHO.

I ended up really happy with this, except my middle finger.  Let me walk you through it.

I added Orly Diamond Days on pinkie and middle.  I don't know why I didn't add it to all of them, but I think I thought it would just be covered up with the stamping.

If you watched the video, you can figure most of these out.  The ring is my pitiful attempt at freehanding the bridge.  I tried to use an Eiffel Tower stamp, but it wasn't transferring, no matter what stamper I used. Oh well, you get the idea.  My thumb is for the line "Did that place you're in explode".  Love it!

I stamped everything but my thumb with MJ XX, my index with MJ XIX and ring with Vivid Lacquer VL 016.

I am kind of liking the multiple plate stamping right now.  The only problem with this is that the Mash plate image stamps backward and I didn't realize until we were done.  Unless you do a decal, it says BOOW instead of BOOM.

Bria, of course, loved this.  The more complicated, the better, in her opinion.  Plus she likes Ruby Gloom almost as much as I do.

Thanks for looking and commenting!  

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Buffalo Bill Nail Art

Life is getting in the way of nails around here :(  I had my water marble (you can see it HERE) for several days and finally forced myself to change it.  As I sat at my desk with a list of the prompts I had not completed yet for the #31DC2014, I spied a nail decal left over from THIS nail art.  It was done months ago but must have been hiding out under a polish bottle or something :)  As soon as I saw it, I knew I was going to do the book and movie prompt together, plus the skittles prompt for Blogger Braggers.

Yup, Silence of the Lambs was a book before it was a movie.  I have seen manis inspired by this movie before, but I wanted to concentrate on Buffalo Bill instead of Hannibal Lecter.

I started with two coats of LynBDesigns Battle Dress, a shimmery nude polish.  This is an older swatch pic, which is why my nails are shorter.  I need to go back to this length :).

The well is on my index finger, which of course had to include the bloody scratches and finger nail.  I sponged with Julep Daria (a dark grey) and Nails Inc Old Compton Street (a light grey texture) then stamped with LLC-B.  Scratches are Orly Naughty.

The middle finger is a decal using MoYou 67.  I double stamped the ring finger with Messy Mansion MM36, Mentality Prim and Mentality Foxy.  "It puts the lotion in the basket or it gets the hose again".

The pinkie was splattered with Orly Naughty, what I think is the perfect blood polish.  I did not clean up the cuticles on purpose for a more gory effect.

Finally I free handed Buffalo Bills hand tattoo on my thumb.  Did you know that the three tattoos he has are tattoos from three notorious serial killers, at least that is what I read somewhere during my research and you know everything on the internet is real :)

That's it kiddies.  I have the mood stone, not particularly because I love the nail art, but because I love my interpretation of the movie onto my nails.  Kinda like my Donnie Darko manicure you can find HERE

As always, thanks for looking and commenting!

Friday, September 26, 2014

Golden Oldie

I have a friend/relative who is a nail tech and owns her own salon.  She is the sweetest person you could ever know.  Some months ago she was in town and I offered to do her nails.  I mean, how often do nail techs have someone else do their nails?  Plus it gave me a chance to show her how to do nail stamping :)  They don't teach that in school ya know!  She is a coffee freak so I knew just what to do for her.  It included a favorite golden oldie, Contrary Polish Hayride.  Fits perfectly for the GOT brown prompt.  Oh, that doesn't sound good does it?  tee hee

Hayride is a favorite because of its taupe tone and golden shimmer.  Not everyone wants brown on their nails, though.  It will probably be visited more here in the fall months though.

I stamped with Messy Mansion MM10.  No image today as I have too much to do to be editing plate images :)  It is amazing how much there is to do when you are unemployed :)

This is the last Crumpet Nail Tarts Golden Oldie Thursday :(  I haven't been able to do every week, but I did do the majority.  I won't miss it though because there is a new Crumpet Nail Tart challenge coming up that incorporates golden oldies AND untrieds, my favorite types of polish!  Have yourself a great day/weekend!


Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Barielle Water Marble Nail Art

After reviewing the Barielle Me Couture collection (you can find the review HERE), I wanted to do some nail art.  The formula was so perfect, I suspected they would work well for the #31DC2014 water marbling prompt.  I was right!

I have tried water marbling several times and I have to say that these were the best polishes I have used.  They spread wonderfully and don't dry to fast.  Seriously perfect!

I started with a white base and water marbled with Barielle Moda Bleu, Vintage Gown and Soho at Night.

I am still perfecting this technique and, as always, can see all my flaws, but I ended up really happy with it.

This whole collection will be going into my "use to water marble" list.  I am sure that they will be ones that help the non spreading polish work.  Yeah, I LOVE this collection!

Thanks for looking and commenting!

Barielle Me Couture Swatches

Today I have swatches of Part one of Barielle's fall collection, Me Couture.  First let me talk about the formula of these.  I have been swatching for Barielle for awhile and I have been happy with each collection I have had the opportunity to show you.  This collection, however, has pleased me beyond words.  It isn't just the wonderful fall colors, it is the formula.  This is the first collection I have tried that has the same stunning formula across all of the polishes.  I would call it a crelly finish, well pigmented yet with that jelly depth and "squishiness".  On top of that, they dry quickly with a high shine finish.  Although I used my Seche Vite on all of these, it was only to dry them quickly so I could take pictures.  They were just as shiny before top coat.  All the swatches are two coats, unless indicated.

Please forgive my red cuticles.  I removed a red stainer before I started swatching.  Don't even remember what color it was, but I remember that I was frustrated that my cuticles looked so red!

Barielle Taupe Notch with flash
Barielle Taupe Notch in artificial light
Barielle Taupe Notch in artificial light

First up is Barielle Taupe Notch.  So I feel that taupe is bandied about a lot for several different shades, so I did a little research.  Did you know that taupe comes from the french word for mole, the animal that burrows underground?  Taupe, therefore, relates to a greyish brown or warm grey color.  This would fit that in my book, however it does lean a little purple in my eyes.  Whatever you call it, it is a lovely grey that I am happy to have in my stash!

Barielle Vintage Gown with flash
Barielle Vintage Gown in artificial light
Barielle Vintage Gown in artificial light

This is Vintage Gown.  I love this color!  I feel it is very flattering to my skin tone.  Barielle describes it as a "creamy rust".  I would call it a muted mauve.  You can see in the flash picture a copper or pink shimmer.  It does not show up under most lighting, but I love that it is there anyway.  It is like having my own little surprise when it gets in the right lighting.  Can't say enough good things about this one!

Barielle Soho At Night with flash
Barielle Soho At Night in artificial light
Barielle Soho At Night in artificial light

Now we move on to the more vibrant colors.  Soho At Night is a beautiful creamy grape purple.  Although it is vibrant, it is also muted.  How can that be?  It is the perfect fall purple!

Barielle Moda Bleu with flash
Barielle Moda Bleu in artificial light
Barielle Moda Bleu in artificial light

I love cobalt blue and I consider this the perfect cobalt blue, the perfect balance of blue tinged with purple.  Plus the formula, like all of them in this collection, is jellylike, but highly pigmented.  The first coat with this one looked patchy and balding, but the second coat covered all sins.  I think this is my favorite., but only if I had to pick one!

Barielle Boho Chic with flash
Barielle Boho Chic in artificial light
Barielle Boho Chic in artificial light
Boho Chic is the perfect fall teal, deep and vivid.  Barielle calls it a "creamy deep sea green".  Good description!  I have a lot of teals in my collection and have nothing close to this.  This is the only one that I felt needed more than two coats, only because I don't like VNL and I could still slightly see my tips.  That is just me though and most people would be perfectly happy with only two.  In fact I would have been too, if not for the knowledge that I would be taking DMPs (dreaded macro pics).  Another winner, shiny and gorgeous!

Barielle Berry Posh in artificial light
Barielle Boho Chic in artificial light

None of my flash pics of Berry Posh turned out.  I think my camera was dying and they were all out of focus.  Barielle describes this as a "deep fuchsia".  Spot on description!  Although I think this fits very well in this fall collection, it is one of those colors that would be appropriate throughout the year..  This color would look stunning on almost all skin tones, it is the perfect berry color in my opinion.

There are more fall colors from Barielle that will be featured here soon.  If they are anything like this collection, I can't wait!  I love every single color in this collection, which can't always be said.  Can't say enough good things about these!  Both the Me Couture and Jetsetter collections are available right now at

Now you may be saying, "Tina, where is the nail art?".  It is coming!  The formula on these is so perfect, I suspected they would be good for water marbling.  I was right!  This post is already picture heavy, however, so check back later to see what colors I chose to put into the "pool" together!

Thanks for looking and commenting!


Sunday, September 21, 2014

Doctor Who's Galaxy Nail Art

At the beginning of the month, I shared the nail art I wore to the Doctor Who premiere.  If you missed it, you can find it HERE.  Today I am showing you what Bria wore.  This is for the #31DC2014 prompt "galaxies".

This is my first attempt at galaxy nail art.  I always have been a little nervous about it.  I shouldn't have been.

I started with a base of Pahlish Eleven's Hour Is Over Now, a dark grey filled with flakies and some silver glitter.  It is the perfect base for this.  Not too dark, but with interest all on its own.

Next I sponged it with LynBDesigns Oobleck (green), LynBDesigns Tesalecta's Kiss (pink) and INLP Peace (purple).  I topped it all off with Orly Shine On Crazy Diamond, a holo glitter.

I created decals with MJ XII, Mentality Tough (blue) Cult Nails New Day (yellow).

I took these pics several days after I painted them, so there is a little bit of cuticle growth.

Bria loved this, so she wanted to make sure that that I took a mood stone.  I even ended up liking it., although I still can see areas of improvement.  It was so easy, I will definitely be trying it again!

Thanks for looking and commenting!