Saturday, September 13, 2014

Art Deco Nail Art

Must.Stop.Surfing.Instagram!  I stop in to post a pic and check out #31DC2014 and suddenly two hours have flown by!  I am discovering new nail artists and inspiration.  If you are tempted to check it out yourself, do it!  Or don't do it unless you have a few hours to spare!

Today I have a double hitter for #31DC2014 "dots" and Golden Oldie Thursday (yes I know it is Saturday.  Cut me a break!) "ignored for too long"  

With so many prompts for so many challenges, sometimes they bleed into each other.  While searching images for a later prompt, art deco, I found this lovely compact and thought it would be perfect for the dot prompt, which was coming faster than the art deco.  See the bleed?  But I don't mind because I love art deco!

Orly Satin Illusion with flash
Orly Satin Illusion in artificial light

My golden oldie (literally golden and old) is Orly Satin Illusion.  I purchased this from a blog sale and it has not graced my tips since January 2013.  This polish looks totally different with a white undie.  If you want to see the difference and my original nail art, check the post HERE.  Excuse the tip wear.  I wore this four days before doing any nail art.  I was sick.  Tells you why I am behind in my posting :)

Although I considered using undies, I decided that the golden shimmer was more "art deco"ish, whatever that means.

Gold shimmer galore!  I did use striping tape to get my black lines straight.  I am OCD that way.  The gold was with my striping brush, though.

Me being me, I see the flaws....

and for once, I DON'T CARE!  

I love this one HARD.  I love how Satin Illusion changes.  Sometimes the blue comes out to play, looking like frosty steel.  Other times you get the gold shimmer with a hint of the blue beneath, giving it an antique feel.  Then sometimes it shows only its gold shimmer, making the gold stripes very muted.  Pure elegance!  So, of course, that means....

Mood stone pic!  I love how Satin Illusion changes.  You know how I know this was a good one?  My husband said something about it!  He hardly ever says anything about my nail art.  Not that he disapproves, just that he is a typical male and usually doesn't notice that kind of thing unless I point it out to him.

What do you think?  Do you like art deco?  Did I do my inspiration justice?  Which do you like better, my original nail art with Satin Illusion, or this one?  Thanks for looking and commenting!


  1. The nail art here is very interesting. I like the gold stripes to it.

  2. I love Art Deco! You did a beautiful job, your straight lines are perfect!

    1. Thanks Crystal! I feel like I did a better than normal job on getting my lines straight this time! Rarely happens! I think part of it is because I trimmed my striping brush so that it has fewer "hairs". It worked so much better this time!