Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Barielle Water Marble Nail Art

After reviewing the Barielle Me Couture collection (you can find the review HERE), I wanted to do some nail art.  The formula was so perfect, I suspected they would work well for the #31DC2014 water marbling prompt.  I was right!

I have tried water marbling several times and I have to say that these were the best polishes I have used.  They spread wonderfully and don't dry to fast.  Seriously perfect!

I started with a white base and water marbled with Barielle Moda Bleu, Vintage Gown and Soho at Night.

I am still perfecting this technique and, as always, can see all my flaws, but I ended up really happy with it.

This whole collection will be going into my "use to water marble" list.  I am sure that they will be ones that help the non spreading polish work.  Yeah, I LOVE this collection!

Thanks for looking and commenting!

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  1. Nice water marble using the Barielle colros! I need to stop procrastinating and do one myself.