Monday, September 8, 2014

Falling Behind with Fall Nail Art

I am falling so far behind in all my challenges!  Started getting sick yesterday, so wasn't up to posting my second post.  Now that means I have two, possibly three posts today and it is already evening.  I would skip it, but I already have the nail art done, so I hate to not share them.  Editing and writing, however, take a bit of time.  Maybe I will try posting one without editing?

This post is for Finger Food Buffet's technique challenge.  The prompt is marbling.

I took inspiration from a Robin Moses tutorial found HERE, but wanted to use my NEW ILNP, that I purchased during the pre-order, because it is soooo stunning!

ILNP Abundance with flash
ILNP Abundance in artificial light

This is two coats of I Love Nail Polish Abundance.  Is this not the most perfect fall polish?  It is an ultra chrome that shifts through gold, bronze, copper and antique copper.  At some extreme angles you get a dusty teal green, but I just was not able to capture it. The pre-order is over, but this should be back in store HERE September 12th.  Just have to throw in a couple more pics to show off this beauty!

I really cannot think of a better fall polish.  I know that this will probably be coming out in a holo version soon, at least that is usually what happens.  I take this into consideration when purchasing, sometimes choosing to get the Ultra Chrome and sometimes choosing to wait and purchase the holo.  This is the first time that I am very tempted to own both!

Next I painted a diagonal french with black, and while still wet, added diagonal lines of Maybelline Bold Gold, Ally's Dream Polish Copper (the holo) and more Abundance.  I quickly swirled it around my smallest dotting tool.

I tried using dots, instead of lines, but they were just running all over into each other and I couldn't gett a nice swirl.  Doing the lines gave me a little more control.

You can see the two major colors, bronze and what I call antique copper, but INLP calls red.  Red just isn't descriptive enough of that gorgeous burnt plum color.

I received soo many compliments on this at work and one of the girls wanted me to recreate it for her.  It is a messy process, so I told her I would try getting the same look stamping.  I did all the same steps up to the diagonal french, then double stamped with DRK-C, Abundance and Bold Gold.  Stamping with Abundance under the gold made it look like the black was filigreed too.

I wore this for four whole days.  That should tell you how much I liked it.  Thanks for looking and commenting!  Don't forget to check the other marbles below and check back as new links are often added throughout the week!


  1. That base color is gorgeous! Love how it looks to be in different colors depending on the way the light hits it.

  2. This is so gorgeous!!! Loving the plum polish!

    1. That plum is what Abundance looks like under bright light aka with a flash photo! So gorgeous!

  3. Love, love, love this! Absolutely gorgeous and perfect for fall!

  4. *blush*. Thanks Crystal! It has everything to do with the stunning polish!