Thursday, September 4, 2014

GOT Indies for #31DC2014?

Today's prompt for the Golden Oldie Thursday challenge is "indie".  I will admit it, I am a bit of an indie polish snob.  I would much rather spend $13 on one indie polish than on two or three (or more) mainstreams.  $13 for Butter London?  Way too expensive!  $13 on Crows Toes?  Let me get out my card.  Not that all indies are expensive.  Some of my favorites are priced right there with the Sally Hansens and Revlons.  There are so many creative polish makers out there, and I would much rather support these home grown, handmade "companies".  Besides, the polish is so gorgeous!

All of my indie polish is on my table top in two holders.  This is where I go for base colors for nail art, unless I am looking for a cream or an exact match for something I am trying to recreate.  The problem is, I have run out of room!  All the beauties are beginning to encroach on my work space!  I could put them in drawers.  I have enough space.  But then I wouldn't get to see their pretty faces every day!  I may have to invest in another display option!

All this is to say that I don't have a whole lot of indies that are neglected, but their are some.  Since the #31DC2014 challenge prompt for today is green, and I knew I had a green indie somewhere in my unposteds, I went through my files and found this lovely for another two-fer.

Not wild about the stamping.  I think I was going for a leaf look without a leaf stamp.

Scofflaw Wee Beasties with Flash
Scofflaw Wee Beasties in Artificial Light

This is three coats of Scofflaw Wee Beasties.  This is from the first ever Scofflaw collection and is no longer available....unless you can hunt it down in a blog sale!  This mellow green filled with multi-glitters and gold shimmer reminds me of a field of wild flowers in the sun.  So lovely!

I stamped with Apipila P.6 and some gold that I didn't write down.  I don't think it was my normal Bold Gold since there seems to be a bit of holo-ness too it.  Maybe Ozotic? 

You can tell that these pics are about a month old.  Sometimes I actually do nail art that does not correspond with a challenge prompt, just what I feel like doing.  Then the pics languish in my unposted file until they fit a challenge.  This is one of those.  My cuticles are in such better shape now, thanks to some rigorous care, and my thumbnail is much longer!

Didn't really end up looking like leaves.  Guess I should have used a brown or dark green to stamp with.  Thanks for looking and commenting!  I should have a second post up later tonight (or early am tomorrow :) for another couple of challenge prompts.