Tuesday, March 25, 2014

NCC Untrieds #3

*All products purchased my me with my hard earned money*

Another day, another mani!  Today is the Nail Challenge Collaborative Untrieds.  I love this theme!  I have so many beauties that have not graced my tips and I am reveling in how the art is open to interpretation.  Instead of finding a polish to fit the prompt, I have had the freedom to chose a polish that I really want to use and think, "How can this best be used?", rather than how can I make this fit the prompt.  I have enjoyed it immensely and am sad that I only have one more after today.  Let's get to today's mani.

This warm flowery mani really made me happy for some reason.  Plus, not only did I use one untried, but two.  Woo hoo!

I am not shy in expressing my Zoya love.  The bottles, the wide variety of finishes, the quality of the formulas, Zoya does not follow trends but instead consistently releases fresh collections of 5 free polishes with an eye on creating high quality AND affordable products.  Their remover is my all time favorite and they have special offers several times a year to make growing my collection even more affordable.  It is no surprise that Zoya is my favorite non indie polish producer.  I currently have over 50 Zoya shades in my wishlist right now!  Luckily, their Earth Day promotion is coming up in April, so maybe I can put a small dent in my list!  Now that the "commercial" is over, shall we get to the details of this mani?

 I started with 3 coats of Zoya Kalmia.  Zoya describes this as "metallic red-gold fusion enhanced by copper and gold shimmer".  Boy do they know how to describe a color!  I would have called it an orange leaning metallic tomato red.  However you describe it, it is beautiful and applies better than butter!  Although I used three coats, it is totally opaque at two.  I just couldn't resist adding another layer of this golden brick red to my tips.

I then sponged the tips with Zoya Rica.  This is described as a warm Coral with a "heavy gold metallic sparkle".  I just couldn't capture the pink tinge in these pictures, but you can get a tiny glimpse in that top pic.  IRL it provided a pink blush with that golden sparkle.

I thought about just leaving it as a gradient, but just couldn't resist adding some gold stamping.  I wanted something that would allow the beauty of the gradient to shine through, so chose some peek-a-boo flowers from moYou London Pro 14.

I love this plate and have already used three of the 12 images in the past month alone!  I used Maybelline Bold Gold for the stamping and, in my eyes, it seemed to highlight the gold hues in Kalmia, causing it to appear more orange.  Isn't that interesting?  Here comes the pic spam. 


Such a bright, sunny mani, it brightened my mood every time I caught a glimpse of my tips!  As always, thanks for visiting and commenting.  Feel free to visit the others with their untrieds!


  1. Pretty shades! Love the stamping you did :)

  2. lovely shade n design is pretty!! #bsp

  3. Ok. You inspired me. I will do stamping with gold polish tonight. :D

  4. Fabulous design and loved the way you created it!! :) #bsp

  5. Beautiful manicure. .. gold n red make classic combo

  6. Oh my god, I loved that nail paint!!! I'd love to wear it minus the stamp as well :) Lovely mani

  7. lovely shade of Zoya...and nice stamping never comes the same for all the fingers

  8. OMG...So pretty <3 and loved the stamping work!

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  9. woah the design is so pretty and goes extremely well with the red base. Absolutely gorgeous!