Friday, May 24, 2013

Imperfect Perkins

It is my favorite time of the week....Fashion Friday!

This mani was inspired by this lovely Dorothy Perkins tank.  I have had this pinned forever!  I told Bria to look through my fashion inspiration folder and pick something for today.  This is what she picked.  I was a little disappointed.  Why?  Bria's nails are soooo skinny and I knew it would be a little challenging to get those lovely scallops on those tiny canvases.  I did my best.

I tried....really I did....but i couldn't fit as many scallops on as I wanted.  Oh well, it made Bria happy.

With Flash
 This started with two coats of SpaRitual Back to Your Roots with top coat.
Without Flash

I swear this is one of those color changing polishes.  Look at the difference between the flash and non flash swatches!  To my eyes the bottom one is more accurate, but a little lighter with a bit of a pink tinge to it.  At least in my reality (tee hee).

I added the scallops with my detail brush and OPI What Wizardry Is This.  Finally I dotted with Orly Dazzel and added a rhinestone in the center.  I wanted to add a lace pattern at the bottom like the tank, but Bria said no, she was happy as it was.


So, what do you think?  Bria said that her classmates thought they were pretzels or tiaras, or chandeliers (tee hee).  And, of course, what I see is what needs to be improved, but considering my canvas, I think I did pretty well.

Thanks for looking and commenting!  I love to hear what you think!  See you again soon.


  1. Pretty manicure! You did a great job with your inspiration too :)

  2. This is beautiful! And JUST like the top - very well done!

  3. Replies
    1. Isn't it gorgeous? The flapper in me loves it!

  4. So pretty! I had this same tank saved as inspiration, ha!

  5. I love your fashion inspired manis. :-)

    1. Thanks Natalie! I gotta find inspiration somewhere and this combines my love of clothing with my love of nails. Perfect combination!

  6. Oh, I wouldn't be disappointed at all--these are gorgeous, Tina! Such a great use of What Wizardry and so beautifully vintage. I'm saving this for inspiration!

    1. Thanks Elizabeth! Let me know if you use it!