Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Pandorica Stamped

Today is the third day of May's Tri-Polish challenge.  This is going to be a quick and a few words of explanation, and then I'm done.

Just a reminder what the colors are.

Zoya Skyklar - Layla STE 07 - Essence Grey to Be Here

This started with two coats of Essence Grey to Be Here.

Next I stamped with Pueen 49 and Digital Nails Pandorica.

Pandorica is a lovely black holo.  Watch for a swatch soon.  In the meantime, I wondered how it would stamp and this seemed like a great time to try it out.  What I got was a ghosting of grey and holo.  I love me a subtle stamping.

Next I added Zoya Skylar to the flower leaves and China Glaze Gold Fusion to the centers.

So what do you think?  Like the subtle stamping?  Thanks for looking and commenting!