Friday, May 10, 2013

Fashion or Fiona?

It's fashion Friday!

 This is a lovely Rodarte Sisters gown.  Bria picked this out for me to do for her.

This started with two coats of the stunning A England St George, a scattered teal holo.  Now this isn't a perfect color match, but as soon as Bria saw it she wanted it on her tips.  How could I deny her?

After everything was fully dry, I taped off the tips.

 Then I used Bundle Monster BM-315 and Maybelline Bold Gold....

to stamp the tips.  Then I added the border with more Bold Gold.

Bria said she had Fiona nails.  Fiona nails?  Yep, she thought that they looked like Fiona's dress from Shrek.

I discovered something funny while photographing Bria's nails this time.  Bria's fingers are wonky (tee hee).  Look how some of her fingers are facing the camera and others are horizontal to it.  I would place her finger where I wanted it and as soon as I let go it would go where it wanted.  Same with her pinky in the picture above.  It just wouldn't stay level with all her others.  It made us giggle!  My funny unique girl!

Thanks for looking!



  1. Awesome manicure inspired by that fashion item! You did a great job :)