Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Nail Mail!....and a Comparison

So today was my day off.  I was determined that I would do nothing nail related until after dinner.  I had stuff to do...laundry to fold...dishes to wash...bills to pay...and I needed to clean refrigerator.  The mailman did not know of my plans...or he did and wanted to sabotage me! 

Source: via Tina on Pinterest

I have been waiting with baited nails (you know, like baited breath...what does that even mean?) for my 2013 PEEN plates to come.  Also some baseball card holders to organize my plates.  I got them with an Amazon gift card I won in a giveaway.  They came today!

Also, my Zoya Earth Day order had been delayed.  They came today too. 

 I got a bunch of cremes.  While doing nail art recently I was looking for a nice dark purple creme in my stash.  None to be found.

My more in this case was cremes.  I am a sucker for shimmers, flakies, glass flecks...anything with depth or uniqueness and I am all over it.  Cremes are just too plain for me.  But the truth is I need cremes.  Cremes balance out all my quirkiness and are an essential for nail art, so I was determined to add some to my stash affordably.  Enter Zoya's Earth Day special.  If you missed it this year, watch for it next year.  It is a great way to add to AND clean out your stash all at the same time...without guilt!  All eight of the polishes I purchased were cremes.

So what did I do today?  Certainly not clean the refrigerator!  I was peeling protective film, swatching nail wheels, creating polishicles (don't know what I am talking about?  I am going to post about them soon), taking pics and generally admiring the new additions to my stash.  I did manage to finish the laundry...and check to see that there was no money to pay bills today can wait for Friday.  And the kids can do the dishes tonight...that's what kids a are for, right?  Now if I can only convince the spousal unit that it is in his best interest to clean the fridge...hmmm, wonder how that will go (tee hee).

Damn delightful mailman!


  1. Your mailman needs to come have a pep talk with mine, she is the WORST.

    1. I am now on a no buy, which makes me sad because there is no anticipation of when the next package will come :(