Friday, May 31, 2013

Triple Threat Snake Skin

Tee Hee....My post headers make me laugh sometimes!  Course my friends say I laugh at anything which lead to their nickname for me, She Who Laughs Alone.  I'll be the only one laughing often, which embarrasses my kids in the theater, but my pastor loves it!  I think it means I have an intelligent, quirky sense of humor, but that could be debated.  Anyways, on to the nails!

Today's post covers three, count em THREE, challenges.  Of course, one of them is late.  I created this late late late Sunday night....technically Monday morning.  I did it for the Adventures in Stamping group and the theme was "inspired by your favorite summer dress, shoes or bathing suit".  I looked at my "wardrobe" and wasn't very inspired, so of course I looked at my "inspired by fashion" folder.  When it was completed I was too tired to post and decided to save it for my final May stamping challenge for The Nail Challenge Collaborative.  Then I thought it was perfect for Fashion Friday (my own personal challenge) too!  So here you have it, the mani that covers more challenges than any other has or ever will.


Inspiration came from this sweet and sassy Rachel Roy snake print dress.  So cute!  So I went about trying to recreate it on my nails.

Please forgive the multiple pics.  I loved how this turned out.  It isn't anything I would actually wear to work or anything....I just love the color combo and that it is a good representation of the dress.

I started with my fav off white, OPI My Vampire Is Buff.  I know the dress has white, but I wanted something a little less stark.

Next I Stamped with PUEEN14, the right design, and Revlon Moon Candy Supernova (the grey side).  Then I added Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Blue Away to the edges.  Next I stamped with just the right side of the bottom image on only the blue part.  A lot easier than it sounds :)

Finally I added NOPI Ladies in the Limelight to the center of the diamonds and added top coat.  Not a perfect execution, but I ended up being very happy with it in all its edgy, grungy, sweetness!

Last pic!  Thanks for looking.  Feel free to comment....I'd love to hear what you think.