Thursday, March 6, 2014

GOT Polish - Skittles

*Apparently I didn't read the rules for this challenge very closely.  Ignore everything I have said about what the challenge entails and just read the rules at the end of the post.  I'm an idiot, I admit it.  I just wasn't going to redo the whole thing.  Forgive my ARADD (age related attention deficit disorder)*

Today is my first installment of Crumpet Nail Tarts GOT Polish Challenge.  GOT stands for Golden Oldie Thursday.  The idea is to use polish that you haven't used in a year or more.  Great way to get through all those old untrieds!

The theme for today is skittles.  If you know me at all, you know that skittles put my teeth on edge.  I like them on others, really I do!  But on me....not so much.  They rankle my sense of order.  I like things balanced.  I don't do random well, but I had to do something right?  I decided to do all colors in the same family and have one element that tied them all together.  I chose teal.  Did you know that this color is actually named for the color that surrounds the eye of a duck called a teal.  A color named after a duck...who knew!

Not all of these are over a year old, but they are all untrieds.  I used the following colors:
  • Thumb - Sation Oh My Oceania 2 coats.  This has been a lemming of mine since the first days of my polish obsession.  You can't tell from these pics, but it is actually a green base with blue shimmer, which equals teal in my book.  It is really gorgeous, but with it only on my thumb, it was hard to capture the shimmer.
  • Index - Julep Lizanne 2 coats.  This is another one that I was unable to capture the beauty of, this time a green with a teal shimmer.  It applies like a gellie, but it is a problem child, as you will see soon.  This actually is the newest polish in the bunch.  It came in my Maven box on Monday.  Not old, but still untried.
  • Middle - Finger Paints Avante Garde Green 4 coats.  Yes, you read that right...four frickin' coats!  A polish has to be really special for me to paint four coats.  This one does not fall into that category.  Sure it is pretty, but really nothing special.  I would be more than happy to use four coats for any of these others.  Not this one.  It's base is a very sheer black with a teal shimmer.  It was patchy and still showed balding at three coats.  Kind of like your annoying balding uncle who thinks he is all that, but just doesn't live up to all the hype.  This one will probably go into a donate box.  I don't think I could sell this in a blog sale with a clear conscious...even for $1.
  • Ring - A England Saint George 2 coats.  My all time favorite teal, although I haven't worn it in almost a year.  This could easily be a one coater and works for stamping.  <3 it!
  • Pinkie - Julep Valerie 2 coats.  This is, again, easily a one coater.  I haven't tried it for stamping yet, but I bet it would be stunning over a lighter color....maybe a light purple?  This is a newer untried also, only a couple of months old.  It is a seriously saturated teal with a slight smattering of holo.  Another <3!
  • Glitter - Sinful Colors Nail Junkie.  I have no idea how old this is.  I bought it in a blog sale.  It is a sheer teal gellie filled with tiny translucent holo micro rounds and teal micro glitter.  I am not a big glitter girl, but this one is just so beautiful, Just what I think a gellie/glitter combo should be.  I am pretty certain that you could get full coverage with three or four coats. 

All of these are teal and all have special finishes.  Not all of them are old, but since I have only been building my stash about a year and a half, it was hard to find 5 teals that are that old.  I will do my best to live up to the "over a year" standard in the future.  Oh, I was going to show you why Lizanne is a problem child, right?

Sorry for the dry nails/cuticles, but this was right after I removed the polish.  Yep, Lizanne is a stainer.  I used my normal base coat, but this is definately one that will need a couple layers to prevent staining.  And keep in mind, I had these on the most an hour?  I hate to think what it would do with a few days wear.  You have been warned!  And now that I have shown you my horrible stained naked nails, let's have a palate cleanser!

Look at all that sparkly goodness!  I actually ended up liking this!  What are your thoughts?  Would you put up with a stainer if you loved the color enough?  Anyone know how old Nail Junkie is?  What is your favorite of the five?  Answer any or all in the comments if you feel so inclined.  See you tomorrow!


  1. I'm not sure exactly how old nail junkie is, but I do know that they re-formulated it so the teal jelly base is a lot more opaque. I have the newer version and 3 coats is enough for full coverage. Such a stunning glitter, and I also like Hottie (the blue version) x

  2. Its nice! Sucks that the color stained though.