Monday, March 17, 2014

Finger Foods Buffet Saint Patricks Day

The green day is here!  I have a huge stash of green polish.  There are so many variations of this lovely color, olive, emerald, lime, pine, forest, blue leaning, yellow leaning, grey get the idea!  I have yet to meet a green I did not like!  Needless to say, Saint Patrick's Day is a favorite for my nails, but today, Bria got the green treatment for Finger Foods Buffet.

I knew I wanted to do a plaid this year, but Bria found a themed stamp she really wanted to have used, so we compromised with an accent nail mani.

She chose China Glaze Running In Circles for the Base.  We used 2 coats of this glittery green foil polish, although it looks like I should have added one more coat for the DMP (dreaded micro pics).  I knew it was a not full coverage, but I figured there would be enough on top to cover the fact, which it did IRL, just not DMP.  

For the plaid I used a unnamed dark green Elf polish filled with some dark green sparkles for the wide stripes.  This polish is a tiny bottle and I used to use it for stamping a lot.  Now that it has sat around in my stash unused, it has thickened and smells HORRIBLE.  I mean, I don't mind chemical smells in polish, but this smells like rancid chemicals.  It was cheap.  It is going in the garbage.  End of story.

Next I added thin stripes with Maybelline Bold Gold and a striping brush.  Obviously I need more practice with the striping brush, but I think I did pretty good with a wiggly and tired girl.

For the accent nails, Bria chose this image from MJ XII.  We tried several dark greens for the stamping, but they were all overwhelmed by the base, so we ended up just using Bold Gold instead.  It looked a bit one dimensional, so I made the mistake of trying to use a dotting tool to fill the shamrocks with the afore mentioned Elf.  I had added some thinner, but even so, it was so thick that it just wasn't cooperating in making those tiny hearts for the leaves.  In the end I gave up and used Wet & Wild Poison.  Much better, but still a PITA to do.  Thank goodness I only did these as accent nails!  I think I might have lost my sanity trying to do this on all her nails!

I know these are out of focus, but I loved Bria's lovely face in the background!  Don't forget to check out all the other St Patty's day manis!


  1. Love the nails and the pic of your daughter! I can't wait until Scarlett's nails are that little bit less teeny tiny so I can get to work on them properly! ;)

    1. I do my nephew's toenails and they are sooo itsy bitsy! Of course I don't do nail art, just polish. Oh, and don't wish for them to grow up too fast! Bria is graduating in June and it is kinda throwing me for a loop!

  2. These look great! I need to try out and experiment with my stripper brush more too. Don't really use it in my nail art.

  3. lovely mani dear :) ur daughter is so cute :)

  4. pretty mani..luv the green shade. u have a lovely daughter :-) , my daughter is 1yr old, may b when she is li'l older I wil try some cute nail arts for her

  5. Lovely...... pretty mani..... :)

  6. That plaid looks really nice combined with the stamping! :)

  7. Lovely Design,your daughter seems to be following your foot steps in nail art :)

  8. great mani love the green :)