Wednesday, March 6, 2013

You Know its Cold When Your Tips Turn Blue!

The sun was out and I was home before it went down.  How did that happen?  So you get to see my tips gloves....So forgive me if they look a little blue (tee hee).

The theme for Let It Snow Challenge today is winter blues.  Since I recently got a lot of Indie polish, I knew I would use one of them.

I started with two coats of LynBDesign Don't Torture Me from her Dweam Wiffin a Dweam collection.  You can purchase this lovely blue at Jenna's Etsy shop HERE.  I had such a hard time capturing the color on this gorgeous blue...still don't think I succeeded.  My camera kept acting like it was a neon!  Is there such a thing as a neon pastel?  Jenna describes this as a light blurple.  I would describe this as a periwinkle blue, which leans purple, and which I just couldn't capture very well.  Imagine this with a lilac tone.  It is filed with semi translucent white matte glass flakes, that give it a very interesting finish.

Here I took a pic with a light baby blue cloth, so you can get a sense of the dusty, yet bright, blue color.  I loved this so much that I didn't want to clutter it up too much with nail art, so I did a simple accent stamping.

 I started by stamping the ring and thumb with Bundle Monster BM-315.  Next I stamped with a partial image from LeaLac XL plate B.  I was going for a laced netting look.  Once again, I am in love with my LeaLac Plate, but I need more practice stamping to get things lined up the way I want.  I can only hope I get better with time.

I got soooo many compliments on this, kids, coworkers and patients.  Everyone wanted to know what this color was.  You should have seen the confused, bemused and vacant stares when I said it was an Indie.  If they seemed interested enough, I explained, if not the I just said it was a handmade polish you can buy on Etsy.  Honestly, I have never had so much attention for such a simple mani, and I blame it all on Don't Torture Me!

If you haven't noticed, I have been having fun trying to "hand pose" with different objects, not my typical top coat bottle.  Here I chose a faceted pearl necklace.  They matched so perfectly, I couldn't resist :)

Check all the other winter blues.  Only two more challenges left :(  Time to start looking for another?


  1. Very pretty <3 I love this blue :D

  2. Aren't the best colors the worst to photograph? It's so annoying when that happens...Thanks for braving the cold for the photos, this is a great mani!

    1. Thanks! The cold is doing a number on my cuticles, but it won't stop me!