Friday, March 22, 2013

Where'd Day 2 Go?

So I had day two of the Tri-Polish Challenge scheduled to post on Thursday....It disappeared.  Checked today and saw it didn't post, so I though maybe I scheduled it and forgot to publish (I've done that before), but was GONE.  Nowhere to be found.  So I'll post again.  If this seems a bit brief, that's why.  Did it before, don't feel like doing it again.  Frustrated.  Here's my second take on green, purple and coral, sans coral.

 Don't really like my pics without my thumb.  Oh well, it is slowly growing.  I started with a two coats of Zoya Gemma.  Want to see Gemma on her own?  Check it HERE.  Then I taped off about half of the nail and added one coat of Zoya Lotus.  You'll get to see her on her own next week.

Stamped with Bundle Monster BM07 and China Glaze Gold Fusion.  One last look and then check the others.


  1. Love this mani! I think I need to put Lotus on my wishlist.

  2. Just wait until you see it swatched on its own. It is gorgeous!