Sunday, March 24, 2013

At Least My Tips Have Flowers

It is a little early for flowers here in Minnesota, but the theme for Adventures in Stamping is spring flowers, so at least there are flowers on my tips.

Cult Nails recently had a sale, so I scaled down my wish list a little.  This started with Cult Nails Baker.

This is three coats of Baker.  I don't know why I love this orange leaning peach, but I do.  It is so full of gold flakies.  I feel like this is the teenage sister of China Glaze Fast Track and hope to do combo or comparison post on these two soon.

Maria describes Baker better than I can, so here is how it is described on the website HERE.

A rich butterscoth/tan creme provides the base for Baker.  But, what tan doesn't look better with just the right amount of a golden glow?  Baker adds a touch of gold shimmer which makes it anything but ordinary.

Yep, this certainly isn't ordinary, which is why I love it so!

Next I stamped with Revlon Reality Star (another magnetic polish great for stamping) and Bundle Monster BM-324 on my ring finger and BM-318 on all my other fingers.

Then I used a technique I found at Messy Mansion HERE.  Go check it!  It will change the way you stamp!  Basically, you use your stamper to create nail "decals".  It is a great way to reverse images, apply only portions of a stamp and place stamps exactly where you want them! 

This method is sorta similar to stamping onto plastic baggies, but I have never been able to get that to work as I couldn't get the whole thing to peel off the baggie.  Plus with this technique, you can use a really thin top coat so that the "sticker" isn't very thick.  It peels right off that rubber stamper like....I don't know....something that peels easily....a banana peel?  You can kinda see where I didn't get all the edges on the "decal" flat on my pointer finger, but it isn't even noticeable IRL.  I used Ulta Celebutante for the flowers.  Once you have the "stickers" placed, you just add another layer of top coat to even it all out.

 I can't tell you how easy this was.  With my one Konad stamper and two sided Born Pretty stamper, I was able to get 3 images going at the same time.  I love this!  I think this is going to revolutionize my stamping!

If you try this technique, let me know!  Thanks for looking!


  1. Awesome mani...perfect for spring. I am loving this technique! I am so going to have to try this one out. Thanks for posting. :)

    1. It can be a little fussy, but I think it is well worth the payoff!

  2. Er, wow! That technique looks like something I'll never get to work, but amazing!

    Gorgeous nails too! I especially like the green stamping - I definitely need to get that third Bundle Monster set and soon!

    1. It is sooo much easier than it looks. Gotta try it!