Monday, June 10, 2013

Such a Simple Monkey

Hey all!  So sorry I have been MIA the last few days.  Was having some computer issues, but I think I now have it under control.  Makes me realize that I should back up my mani photos.  I have all my nail stuff on one computer and if it crashed....well lets just say I wouldn't be happy.  Backup, here I come!

Today is Monkey See Monkey Do Monday.  You know what that means?  Yep, time to hop over to another blog to see my inspiration.  This was inspired by Mandy over at Chameleon Stampede.  Check her HERE .

MSMD does not always have to be complicate or intricate.  Sometimes it is just a gorgeous combination.  As soon as I saw Mandy's mani, I knew I wanted to recreate it on my own nails, only with flakies instead of glitter.

Without Flash
With Flash
This started with China Glaze Strap on Your Moonboots.  I'm sure you have heard everything about the China Glaze holos, from "Love it" to "Hate it".  I am somewhere inbetween.  The holo is not as strong as the Laylas I own, but I really like this dusty denim color as a holo.  The biggest problem, in my humble opinion, is that there is absolutely no self leveling to this polish.  It is one of those that show EVERY ridge, dent and flaw in your nails.  I don't like buffing my nails because they have a tendency to peel, but it was tempting with this polish.  Instead I used Nfu-Oh Aqua Base, although I am sure you can use any ridge filler.  After one coat of the Aqua Base, I thought I would add a second coat to make sure all my ridges were leveled....Wrong!  Seems that the Aqua Base should not be layered on itself.  I allowed it to dry for 15 minutes before adding another coat and it dragged some of the bottom coat to my tips.  You can see the lumps, especially on my middle finger.

Finally I added 1 coat of Color Club Snow Flakes.  In my opinion this is miss named as the flakies flash red, yellow and green.  I added one coat to my ring finger and a gradient on all the others.  Subtle but interesting!

So what do you think?  Like my gif?  Don't ever want to see one again?  Tee hee.  Check out :all" the other MSMD manis (tee hee).