Sunday, June 1, 2014

Superficially Colorful Listless Thermal Nail Stamping

I am not wild about thermals.  Why?  A few of reasons.  1.  Usually the warm color is pretty sheer and I am not wild about sheer polish.  I mean, I am a nail blogger....can you say nail staining?  2.  I am usually not that wild about the colors.  I am not really a primary color girl, and that is what I have seen around in the thermal world.  3.  My nail beds are different lengths.  I mean significantly different, which means that the color differential is not even when my nails are the same length.  You know how I do with uneven.  I am a picture straightener in a disordered world.

Then I stumbled across Superficially Colored.  Jinjit is a nail blogger turned polish maker.  Not only is she a sweetheart, she also makes some brilliant thermals.  This is my favorite!

Look at the olive to steel blue transition!  Let's look at the polish on its own.


This is three coats of Superficially Colorful Listless.  It really only needs two coats.  I wore two coats for three days on it's own and had a bit of tip wear.  Instead of taking it off and starting again for the stamping, I just threw on a third coat.  Fully warm is a pale olive green.  Fully cold is a blue tinged grey.  Now the transition!

This is the natural gradient for me during chilly weather.  You heard right, this is not a water induced transition, but what my nails looked like most of the day.   I absolutely LOVE it...even though it shows the huge difference in my nail beds.  I suspect that the transition will not be as pronounced in the warm weather, but that is okay because I actually like the warm color on it's own!

I wanted a "camouflage" stamping.  Something that reveals itself with the transition.  I had trouble matching the warm color, so I went for the cool.  I found that Pahlish This Song Is Ending, was the perfect match, only visible in the DMPs (dreaded macro pics), but not IRL.

I used the leafy design from Messy Mansion MM16.  Oh how I love the Messy Mansion plates.  New ones are coming soon!  

Oh so apropos since Messy Mansion is based in Australia! 
I don't know why I didn't get a mood stone pic, because I loved this one HARD!  Plus it seems it would be appropriate to use my mood stone for, what some call, a mood polish.Don't forget to check out all the other thermals.  Thanks for looking and commenting!


  1. Wow the color change effect is so dramatic! Love it and the subtle stamping is great too.

  2. This polish as well as her other thermals are FABULOUS!!!! I have every single one and I love them to pieces!

  3. Very pretty! I love the subtlety of the stamping