Sunday, June 29, 2014

Twin Blog Candy - Liquorice

June is almost over!  It just flew by!  So today it is time for a Twin Blog post.  The theme this month is candy.  My twinsie is Erika from The Polished Fangirl and the candy chosen for us at random is liquorice.  Liquorice?  Really.  Luckily Ericka came up with a great idea with liquorice allsorts.  Never eaten them.  Course I am not wild about liquorice in the first place, so that may explain that. 

Hmm....If you are like me, you may be thinking, "Looks like a psychedelic bumblebee with a pink honeycomb." so you might want to see the inspiration.

Now that you see it, does it make sense?

Now originally I was going to do mostly stripes, so I started with a white base on all but the middle finger.  Then I changed my mind and added some of the others.  The yellow is Ellagee Cadmium Glass, a gorgeous jellie.  The pink is Cult Nails Falling Hard with micro beads.

I covered it all with NYC Matte Magic, including the micro beads, just to take the shine off.

There it is.  What I started out dreading, I ended up liking.  Stripes are a little sloppy and I wish I wouldn't have put the yellow dot next to the white and black roll for esthetic purposes, but then I am never fully satisfied.

Don't forget to check out my twinsie at The Polished Fangirl to see her take on liquorice.

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