Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Nail Challenge Collaborative Wallpaper Prompt

This month's prompt for The Nail Challenge Collaborative is wallpaper.  To be honest, I hate wallpaper.  When we moved into our house, the kitchen was wallpapered, the entry way, the spare room, even the bathroom!  You know it all came down.  Don't get me wrong, there are pretty ones out there, but it has been my experience that, unless applied correctly, wallpaper is nothing but trouble.  Seams buckle.  Most of them you can't wash.  They get discolored and they are difficult to least more difficult than throwing up a new layer of paint.  I like change, so paint is the way to go for me.  But wallpapering my nails?  That I can get into!

The stamp I chose to use (you will see it later) reminded me of something you might find in a library in an old castle or a country kitchen.  Just seemed appropriate.  It is a bit difficult to see because I used a darker base, but believe me, it is gorgeous!

I started out with two coats of CDB Laquer Hidden Oak.  It is a gorgeous forest green with scattered holo particles.  My idea of a perfect Christmas green!  I have a thing for green polish, so I was so happy to add this to my stash during a preChristmas sale.

Next I stamped with Messy Mansion MM16 and Finger Paints Black Expressionism.  I love this plate!  So baroquey.  Yes spell check, I know that is not officially a word, but it is appropriate.  I'm using it.

Finally I added purple for the grapes.  I can't remember what I used and I didn't write it down.  Dooh!  They look a little blue in my pics, but they really are purple.

 There you have it, my first wallpaper inspired manicure.  Three more on their way before the end of the month!  Don't forget to check out what the other talent came up with!  Thanks for looking and commenting!


  1. I like how the stamping kind of blends into the base color. Quite like the effect and the purple dots were a nice touch.

  2. Oh wow, I love this! Gorgeous base polish and the purple dots just add enough 'light'. I would totally do an accent wall with a wallpaper like ths ;)

  3. I love it! The colors blend in really well with each other.