Friday, January 2, 2015

Born Pretty BP-18 Review

Long time no see!  As I have said before, my life is kind of crazy right now.  For me, once I am out of the habit of blogging, it is hard to return.  It takes a lot of time and work and I just have not been up to it.  I hope to return with some regularity now in 2015.  Today I start with a review of Born Pretty stamping plate BP-18.

I started with two coats of my new favorite blue, Julep Paula.  Julep describes it as a "Persian blue with gold microshimmer".  I don't know about Persian, but it one of those gorgeous blues that borders on neon and the gold shimmer often flashes pink, giving it a rose gold hue.  If blues are your thing, this is a must have for your collection!

Next I stamped with the top middle image from Born Pretty stamping plate BP-18 and Julep Soleil, described as a "rose gold chrome".  I love this image, having a weak spot for reverse images.  It stamped well, even with a polish that is not a stamping polish.  Can't wait to try it with a true stamping polish!  But it is not the only image that I like on this plate!  I can see me using every one of these images!  Just a few images for you.

Yep, I love me some swirlies!  Born Pretty Store has a whole line of their own stamping plates along with tons of others, qgirl, QA series and more.  Watch for a couple more of the Born Pretty plates to be featured here.  In the meantime, you can use my Born Pretty code below for 10% off all purchases!

Thanks again for looking and commenting!


  1. The stamping looks great! I bought a bunch of their stamping plates myself but haven't had the chance to use any of them yet.

  2. Your nails look fab & I miss you! <3