Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Crumpet Nail Tarts Brown

It has been a few weeks, but I decided I needed to jump into Crumpet Nail Tarts Pick n Mix Challenge.  This week is Book/Brown.  Today I went for brown.

Although I am not wild about this in the pictures, I loved it IRL.  It looked very sophisticated and was a perfect edgy work look.  And, although winter is here with a vengeance in Minnesota, I felt it made for a good fall look.

I started with two coats of Cupcake Polish Too Haute to Handle.  This is a pink leaning nude holo.  Kind of a rose gold.  I really love this polish, but it does call for a nude holo comparison as this is not the only one in my stash.  The Cupcake store describes this as a dark gold, but I just ain' seeing it.  Also says that it is textured, but I didn't find that true with my bottle.  Still love it!  Application was a breeze and dry time was excellent!  

Next I stamped with Loja BFF-04 and Mentality Foxy.  This image stamped beautifully!  

Look at that holo!  But even with the rainbow the stamping shows up.  Sometimes holos overwhelm stamping, but not with this combo.

You can guess how I feel about this one.  Loved it!  Check out what all the other Tarts came up with.  Thanks for looking and commenting!


  1. Too Haute to Handle is so gorgeous!

  2. Whaaaaat? These look amazing in the pics. Gorgeous combo x

  3. No doubt IRL must have looked real good cause it has your eyes seeing something entirely different than what I'm seeing in these photos, they are amazing. If they look better IRL as you say then I definitely want to get that polish and save this tutorial. May I ask is that two nail polishes? I'm not sure if I read that there were one color or not. I must have that plate also the design is lovely on your nails too. Thank you for sharing.

    1. Thanks Happy! The base is all Too Haute To Handle. Stamping is Mentality Foxy, my all time favorite brown stamping polish. The stamping plate is BBF from Brazil, but they have a Store Envy shop here: Hope that answered all your questions! Thanks so much for looking!