Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Barielle Jetsetter Comparisions

Today I have some comparisons of the Barielle Jetsetter Collection.  There is a bit to get through, so I am going to jump right in.  Let's start with a comparison of the two greens in the collection.

Barielle Irish Eyes is a moss green.  It is more opaque than Gondola ride and is shown at two coats with top coat.  Gondola ride is a sage green with a thinner formula.  It is shown with three coats and top coat.  I have a lot of (what may be) similar colors so a comparison of those may be coming soon.

Here I have a comparison of Barielle Rain in Spain and Barielle Designer's Shoe from the Vibrants Collection.  They are both are two coats with top coat.  Rain in Spain's formula is slightly better than Designer's Shoe in that it is a bit thinner.  Hmmm, periwinkle comparison in the works?

I mentioned before that it seems Barielle includes a nude pink in every collection, at least the ones I have reviewed.  Here I have a comparison of three of them and an older discontinued pink.  Index is three coats of Very Bare from the Nude & Naughty Collection.  For some reason in my original swatches (which you can see HERE) I used four coats.  Either I have improved my application skills or it has thickened with time.  Middle two coats of Pillow Talk, also from the Nude & Naughty Collection.  This definitely could have used another coat as I can still see patchiness.  Ring finger is two coats of Kiss Me Kate from the Jetsetter Collection, my second favorite, only behind Belly Dance, which is on my pinkie.  Belly Dance, unfortunately, is discontinued.  I was lucky enough to find it on a blog sale and it continues to be one of my favorite pinks.  Kiss Me Kate is my favorite nude though.  All of these are definitely different, so there are no dupes here!

That's what I have for today.  Let me know if you like comparison posts and I will try to include more.  Thanks for looking and commenting!


  1. Great comparison of some of these colors. Its so helpful to see.

  2. I've heard good things about this barielle ☺ product. Going on my wish list ♥ now.