Sunday, February 16, 2014

Barielle Nude & Naughty Review

Earlier this month I was contacted by Barielle.  They asked me to join their blogging family!  I was sooo excited.  I already have a few Barielles in my stash and I love them.  The nice thing about Barielle is that if you sign up for their emails, you get a lot of special offers.  I received several nail care products.  Since these are items that need some time to test, I will be telling you about them later, but today I am going to show you the polish!

I received the Nude & Naughty set.  Although I received this as a set, you can purchase the colors individually.  It is more cost effective as a set at only $5 per polish compared to $8 individually.  However, they often have specials, so if you are in love with only a shade or two, you can always wait for the right time to pounce. (tee hee)  I am so happy to get my hands on these...or this on my hands :)  First let me tell you a little about Barielle.  See that little horse jumping over the B?  You can barely see it in this pic, but it is on all their logos.  Why?  Let me have them tell you why:

A Unique Approach to Nail Care, Hand Care And Foot Care

Over 30 years ago, Barielle introduced "Nail Strengthener Cream" as the first nail care product of its kind. Originally formulated to condition the hooves of million-dollar thoroughbred racehorses, this legendary skin care product helps nails grow healthier and stronger while resisting splits, peels and breaks. Its effectiveness launched Barielle as a nail and skin care company with unique products and approaches to treating, protecting and maintaining nails. Barielle has since evolved into one of the leading prestige nail care, hand care and foot care brands sold in the world, known for our cracked feet treatments and the best moisturizers for dry skin.

There you go, horses.  Who knew!  I am currently testing the Nail Strengthener Cream and can't wait to tell you about the results!  There will be contact info AND some nail art at the end of this post, but for now, lets get right to these on trend nude/beige family shades.  All of these are shown with top coat and have good to average dry time.

Barielle Very Bare

Barielle Very Bare - 4 coats
You are only getting an artificial light pic because my flash was washing this out to a pure white.  Very Bare is described by Barielle as an "opalescent pink".  I don't see any shimmer, which I would relate to the term "opalescent".  Instead I found this to be a pretty delicate pink cream.  I used four coats because it is a bit sheer and, like many pastels, was a bit streaky  However it has a heavenly self leveling formula that makes the many coats easy to apply.  Now that I know the sheerness of this one, I will use my milky ridge filler as a base, which would probably reduce the number of coats needed.

Barielle Pillow Talk

 Barielle Pillow Talk - 3 coats over Orly Ridge Filler
Pillow Talk is the palest peach to ever grace my tips!  I LOVE this shade.  For some reason, none of my artificial light pics survived the cut.  Probably not color accurate?  This formula was not as streaky as Very Bare, but applied just as well.  I have a weakness for peach nail polish, but there are not as many out there as corals or pinks.  Such a ethereal color, it makes me feel feminine, but in a vintage way, like faded love letters or Victorian lingerie.  So purdy!

Barielle No Not Now - With Flash
Barielle No Not Now - Artificial Light

Barielle No Not Now - 3 coats
I love the name of this polish!  And the color?  Nothing short of outstanding!  This toffee color is filled with a pearly shimmer that gives it a depth not expected from such a simple tone.  The pearl finish is subtle, which means that it doesn't show the dreaded brush marks!  I feel like this is a more sophisticated take on "mannequin hands".  I expect this one to be used often as it is very office friendly, but still with that something unique that takes it outside of the norm.

Barielle I Got a Headache - With Flash
Barielle I Got a Headache - Artificial Light
Barielle I Got a Headache - 3 coats 
You can skip my description, if you want, but you MUST read the second paragraph to get the best finish for this lovely.  I Got a Headache, my favorite of this set.  Once again, a perfectly named polish!  If you have ever had a migraine, you will know why I think this dusky carmel is perfectly named.  It is filled with a golden shimmer, just like the sparks of jagged pain associated with these headaches on steroids.  I guess some may consider this a fugly color, but it just calls to me.  It has adorned my tips THREE times since I received it.  That is unheard of for me.  One of my coworkers called it a "baby poo" color, but I just don't care.  I am obsessed with this lit from within beige.  

Now, let me talk about the "coatage" on this.  Some of you may know that for swatches, I always paint to opaque and then add one more coat for MP (micro pic) coverage.  This is the only polish I have ever used that I would have been happier with at two coats.  With three coats, the base color darkens and overwhelms the gorgeous shimmer, which is what makes me love this one so much!  The nail art further down the post will show two coats, so you may be able to see what I am talking about.  One coat would be even better, if you don't mind VNL.  I may have to do an I Got a Headache coatage ombre soon!

Barielle In Good Taste- With Flash
Barielle In Good Taste - Artificial Light
Barielle In Good Taste - 2 coats
If you follow me, you will have seen In Good Taste used for some chocolate nail art on Friday.  If you missed it, you can check it HERE.  This is a great self leveling formula that could have been opaque in one thick coat.  It really does look like molten chocolatey goodness at my tips!

You know I couldn't resist doing some nail art with I Got a Headache.  This was my Valentine manicure and is still flashing its shimmery goodness at me as I type :)

This just makes me smile.  It is not your typical valentine mani, which is part of why I love it!  Plus, brown and pink is a favorite color combo in my color obsessed world.

I used two coats of I Got a Headache for the base.  See what I mean.  The base is not as greyed and the shimmer is more....I don't know....uniform...delicately distributed?  

I then stamped with BM-019 on all nails but the pinkie, where I used BM-19.  Then I used my smallest dotting tool to create those miniscule hearts with Barielle Belly Dance.  I purchased this in a blog sale, and it is no longer available on thier site, but if you can manage to get your hands on it, I highly recommend it!  It is the girly sister of No Not Now, a taupe base with a pale pink pearl finish.  (Ah alliteration, how I love you)  You can't see the pearl in these itsy bitsy hearts, but believe me, it is there.  So lovely!  I would have swatched this one for you too, but I hate showing you what isn't easily available.  When I Googled it, it seems there may have been two different formulas, because a lot of the swatches from back in 2010, with the old bottles, seem to have a purple lean to them.  There is not even a hint of of purple in my bottle.  Okay, enough, back to the nail art.

I just love how these two colors compliment each other.  And the stamp!  I like to call this one "Love on a Wire" (tee hee).

You can find Barielle Products HERE 
Sign up for their e-mails at the bottom of their site for upcoming specials!  I know from experience that they only send out notices when they have a new collection or specials.

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  1. Some great neutral shades here! I love the manicure you created with it too :)

    1. Thanks Lisa! A couple of these have shot right into my office friendly top picks!

  2. I really like pillow talk! The peach is really cute and you're right there's not many peaches out there especially such a light peach! I think it's office safe while being a bit different :) I also really like no not now... Love the shimmer! Not really into I got a headache but I think maybe it's one of those polishes you need to see in real life to appreciate?

  3. Looks like a perfect neutrals set!