Friday, February 21, 2014

NAGGDay20 - Pop Culture

Not only have I been sick, but we had a blizzard yesterday which knocked out our internet last night and most of the day today.  I have skipped a few days of the Nail-Art-A-Go-Go challenge, and probably will not be doing them.  I had a Sci-Fi mani that was the biggest nail fail I have ever had.  I may show it at some point, but probably as a "Fail" post.  I am very happy, though, to post yesterday's prompt today :)  The prompt is Pop Culture.  I knew I did not want to do Pop Art.  What popular culture did I want to portray.  One that has always fascinated me is Steam Punk.  It calls to my esthetic AND whimsy.  I love it.

Although this looks complicated, and did have several steps, it was easy.  I think it is because I knew I could be as random as I wanted!

I started with two layers of Sinful Colors Leather Loose.  Although I really wanted to leave this matte, I knew there was a good possibility that I would have to top coat the end result, so I wanted to show you this brown, gold speckled matte beauty.

Next I randomly sponged with Mentality Hope.  This polish was made for steam punk!  

Then I stamped with BM-012 and Maybelline Bold Gold.

Again, more stamping.  BM-415 and Revlon Copper Penny.  Winstonia W206 and Silver Sweep.  The copper wasn't standing out so I top coated it.  I still wasn't completely happy with the copper, but I wasn't completely unhappy either.

I then added some little gold studs to the center of the silver gears.  Here comes the pic spam!

I really like this, but I can see much room for improvement.  This will certainly be visited again.  Thanks for stopping by!