Monday, February 10, 2014

#NAGGDay10 - Night Sky

So I am kinda cheating today :0  I have a mani I created at during the holidays that never got posted, so I am using it today.  It makes me sad to see these long and lovely nails, now that I am flashin some nubbins.  Flash back to Christmas sky mani....

The reason this didn't get posted during the holidays is that I ended up not really being happy with the time.  But now it has marinated in my unposted file, I like it more.

I think the reason I was not happy with it was because it started with two coats of the amazing I Love Nail Polish Birefringence and then I covered it all up with a gradient of FingerPaints Winter Chill, a dark grey textured polish.

You can just barely see Birefringence under the stamping.  Okay, I am getting a little sad :(  Let's move on!  I painted and sponged a moon on my ring and pinkie with Wet & Wild French White, Piggy Polish Make Waves, Julep Winter, Zoya Kristen, China Glaze Dandy Lion Around and CG Recycled.  Is that enough for ya?!?  How could I have a night sky mani without a moon?  I feel like I am getting pretty good at them, which is good for a blog named Light of the Moon Nails.

I stamped all the tips with FingerPaints Black Expressionism and Bundle Monster BM-H02.  Finally I stamped my thumb and middle with Sugar Bubbles SB Special 002, Konad Special White and dotted the tree with Ulta Cream of the Crop.

So, what do you think?  Is it weird to post a Christmas mani in February?  Yeah, I think so too.  Does it make you sad that I covered up Birefringence so much?  Think it is a fail?  Give me your thoughts and check the other night skies.


  1. Its so wintery! Its great to see that you posted it too :)

  2. Oh noes! How could you cover up Birefringence with such great nail art? Granted, I wouldn't have known you used B if you hadn't said anything. LOL