Sunday, February 2, 2014

NAGG Day 2 - Jewel Tones

I have to admit that I am drawn to jewel colors.  Maybe it has to do with the fact that I am a rock hound.  Before this polish obsession came into my life, I designed jewelry made with semi-precious stone beads...and still do occasionally.  I think my polish collection has exceeded my stone collection, just barely.  One of my favorite stones to work with is garnet.  So many different shades to be found, from dark to raspberry red.  So it did not surprise me that when I received A England Briarwood, I knew I would use it for this challenge.

Nail art does not have to be complicated.  Yes, I want to go all out for this challenge, but sometimes some simple stamping is the best combo for such a gorgeous polish.

With Flash
Artificial Light

I started with two coats of A England Briarwood.  Briarwood is a perfect rich garnet base filled with a scattered gold holo.  My pics just do not do this beauty justice!  If you want to see a gif of this subtle scattered holo garnet beauty, check my top 5 reds of 2013 HERE.

I stamped with MoYou 216 and Maybelline Bold Gold.  I love this image!  It reminds me of intricate embroidery.  In the macro pics, you can see the lines across the leaves.  The etching is so complex and every detail shows up when stamped!  Can you just see this used for a french tip design?  I must try that next!  Ready for some nail spam?

I know, so many pics of such a simple mani, but I couldn't help it!  I have such wanton weakness for this one!  To me, this is the perfect valentine mani, no hearts, just dark, vampy and embroidered with a gold trim.  Do you like it as much as I do?  Time to check all the other bejeweled beauties!



  1. Such a pretty color and I love the stamping you did on it too :)

  2. Wow that color changes so much depending on the lighting, that's crazy! Beautiful look though :)

  3. I have Briarwood and agree, it is beautiful! I love the stamping you did, very elegant and it didn't take away from Briarwood either!!