Friday, February 14, 2014

NAGGDay14 - Sweets

Wanna hear something funny?  Every day of this challenge, when I go to post, I have said, "Hmmm what day (number) of the challenge is it?"  Then I count the number on the NAGG banner.  Yesterday I realized that, duh, the number is the same as the date.  Yes, I am that spacey!

Um, yeah...CHOCOLATE!  I was inspired to do this from a mani I saw at Style Your Nails HERE.  Go check what she did (her's are more intricate than mine).

With Flash
Artificial Light

 I started with two coats of Barielle In Good Taste.  Did you see the PR button up there?  Yep, Barielle has been reaching out to the nail blogging community and asked me to review their products.  There will be a full review on the blog this weekend, so watch for it!  And yes, my nails are longer in this swatch pic than the nail art pics.  I swatched these before my nail patch gave out.  Oh well, it happens :(  

In Good Taste is perfectly named!  This is a lovely cool brown in some lights and a bit warm in others.  There are a lot of browns out there that people call "chocolate brown", and I have a few in my stash, but this one is the most chocolatey I own.  That is why I chose it for today.  For me, no Valentines day is complete without some kind of chocolate, so why not wear it on my tips.

Chocolate, however, is not highly reflective, so I added Cult Nails Wax That.  I had been wanting to try this "matte" topper for awhile, and when they had their top coat sale, I snatched one up.  I love that this diminishes the shine, but not all the way, like some mattes.  I really does end up with a "wax" finish.

Next I used the spun sugar method to add some "chocolate" drizzle and hearts.  My plan was to leave it at this stage, but I wasn't happy with it.  The mistake I made was getting the polish to gloopy before I did the hearts.  I just could not get a good heart shape with the polish so thick.

So to accent the nails, I mixed a bit of In Good Taste with some white and defined the hearts a bit more.  Although I think it isn't too bad, it definately is not my favorite so far in this challenge.  I think I just need more practice with the spun sugar technique.

Thanks for looking and commenting!  See you tomorrow!


  1. Cute! Totally looks like chocolate!

  2. Loved the base shade ! And it was a nice idea to have that drizzle effect over the nails.

  3. Thats a gorgeous and tempting nail art hun...I wanna grab a choc after this post ;) Wud def be trying this :) <3

  4. it looks so yummy :)) Beautifully done tina !!

  5. OMG you have so gorgeous hands and nails, I really liked this shade on your hands, it's damn pretty :)

  6. My MY! This is so gorgeous!! First of all, love the chocolate shade! Then, I really love what you did with that wax! So simple, yet so beautiful! Do you instagram? mine is pearlypoppies ...just let me know there, I would definitely follow you there!

  7. The manis r sooooo very pretty! great job xx