Friday, January 30, 2015

Wallpaper Nail Art #2 and Born Pretty BP-17

This is going to be a quick little post as I have Four manicures to post in three days!  This is my second wallpaper inspired mani for The Nail Challenge Collaborative.  Two more coming soon!

I really hate using a flash pic as my intro, but the stamping on this one was very shy for the camera!

I started with three coats of Orly Naughty.  I could have gotten away with two, but added a third because I knew it would deepen the color.  I purchased this oxblood red a couple of years ago around Halloween.  I was looking for a dried blood/scabish looking red creme.  I tested so many, but they were all too bright, fresh bloodish.  This one though was what I was looking for.  Really nice formula too!

Next I stamped with Born Pretty Store BP-17.  I was sent this for review and I absolutely LOVE it, both the patterns and the quality.  One of the things I really like about this plate is that the images are BIG.  Big enough for long nails and big enough to get variety in the stamping over multiple nails.  Since receiving this to review, I have already purchased several more!  Those top too images would be great for lead lighting, but I used the bottom right image.  You can find this plate (and many more) HERE.  Feel free to use my discount code to the right.

I stamped with Julep Maryam.  It is an oh so gorgeous maroon filled with gold shimmer.  It is a one coater, so I knew it would be good for stamping, which it is if you don't use colors that are so close to one another!

I was going for one of those wallpapers where it has a design that is actually a different texture rather than a different color and for that, I feel like this succeeded.  I just wish you could see the stamping better in my pics.  IRL it looked more like my flash pics all the time.

This was the best non-flash pic I could get and shows how I feel about the whole thing.  Two of my favorites are embodied in this mani, a dark, vampy color and subtle stamping.  

Thanks for looking and commenting!

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  1. I like how subtle the stamping is! You can't even tell its there unless you look really close or the sun hits it right.