Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Bria's Turkey Tails

Why is it so much harder to photo someone elses hand?

Just a quick post before the Thanksgiving rush.  Bria is my dear 17 year old daughter.  She is cognitively disabled and mentally is at an 8 year old level.  She LOVES getting her nails done and I LOVE doing her nails because I get to do things that I would never wear to the office.  I do her nails once...sometimes twice...a week.  When I asked her what she wanted this week she said, "It's Thanksgiving.  Can we do turkeys?".  Now, I am certainly no artist so I looked through my Pinterest boards and found this here.  I'm not going to post the picture because it puts my picture to shame, but go check it out!  So I said "how bout some turkey tails?".  I don't have step by step pics this time (I was in a hurry and a little nervous about how it would turn out).  Here is what I used.

  • Base coat (of course)
  • Butter All Hail the Queen.  Love this polish!  This is just ONE coat and complements Bria's skin so nicely.  Almost want to redo, just so I can photo this alone on her nails :)
  • Stamped with Konad Special Black and Bundle Monster plate BM210.  I only used half of this stamp to get the turkey tails (tee hee)
  • Layered the "feathers" with Orly Buried Alive, Spoiled Cougar Attack and Loreal Because You're Worth It.
  • Top Coat (of course).
What do you think?  These are totally work appropriate.  Look like turkey tails?  You'll see Bria's nails popping up again.

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