Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Really? ANOTHER Nail Blog?

Yes, another.  After haunting the blogs for several months, I have decided to jump in.  Mostly for myself, to document, but hopefully to inspire like I have been inspired.  I have only been obsessed for 3 months (can that possibly be?) but in that time I have learned a lot and bought A LOT.  One of these days I will post about my guilty nail confessions and I will tell you how many.  Long story short, I bought my first Konad kit at the Minnesota State Fair at the end of August with only 2 nail polishes in my entire house.  I quickly added more!  Every weekend I did my nails and my daughter"s nails.  The girls at work started asking me to bring in pics of my daughters nails every week.  I started documenting my own too so I wouldn't forget what I had done.  Soon I was changing my nails two or three times a week, so I have several pics to share over the the next few weeks.  Hopefully I will get caught up soon.  Forgive some of the pics, I started out with my iphone.  Bear with me as I learn the ropes.  Enough about me...on to the important things!

Don't know why I choose this as my first post.  Guess it is the combination of originality (in all my blog hopping I have not seen this stamp used) and good photographyI don't get to photograph in the sun much since I always do my nails at night - hence the name - and I usually change them too quickly :)  Please forgive the tip wear and cuticle flooding.  I was still perfecting my polishing techniques at this point. 

  • The base color for this is Sinful Colors - Cloud Nine (Orange) 
  • Stamped with Konad - Special Black (this is a ***** to clean up, but the best stamping black) and Bundle Monster plate 217 (or Mash 06).  This is a french tip stamp, but I used it for a half moon.  This left quite a bit of the orange showing through around the edges so I used a small paint brush to touch up the areas I wanted with black acrylic paint (a lot easier to manipulate in small places than polish). 
  • Finally I painted from the end of the stamp to the tips with Fantasy Makers - Nail in the Coffin, which has a very subtle halo glitter in it.

This was one of my Halloween themed mani's.  I'm sure those are supposed to be flowers, but they look like amoebas or alien eyes to me - hence Halloween.  Hope you like!