Friday, November 30, 2012

Final Fall Mani

I had a root canal done today, so forgive me if I ramble or misspell anything.  This is the last fall manicure!  I may have more to post, but none to polish :)  I am so ready to do something else, just like I was ready to be done with the Halloween manis.  This may have been one of my favorites though.  Here's how I did it.

I started with a base coat and one coat of OPI Schnapps Out Of It.  Yes, I said one coat!  I could have added another, just for good measure, but since it had full opacity in one coat and I am not a patient grl, I figured why mess with a good thing.  I love this color!  It was the only one out of the OPI's Germay collection that I decided that I just MUST have.  There are others I want, but this is the only one I own (so far :).  I would describe this color as a terra cotta/toffee orange with a very slight shimmer.  The color is a bit darker than in my photos (I hate that!)  If you want to see a more accurate representation of the color (or the whole Germany collection) check out PolishAholic's post HERE.

I wanted a background for the leaves to sit on so they wouldn't be too stark, so I tried sponging with a bronze glitter, but didn't like it.  I have done a lot of glitter recently so decided to try a subtle stamp under the leaves.  I stamped with Orly Buried Alive and Bundle Monster BM-316, the delicate contoured leaf design.

Finally, I stamped with Essie Good as Gold (my fav gold stamping polish) and BM04.

After a final top coat I ended up with this.

What do you think?  I am regretting having to remove this, but I have signed up for a 12 Days of Christmas Nail Art Challenge (found HERE) so it will be all about Christmas/Winter in the coming weeks.  This is my first challenge, so be kind to my attempts :)


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    1. Thanks Vicky! It was sooo hard to take off :)

    2. Because I liked it so much, not because it was difficult!