Saturday, December 8, 2012

Day 4 Of 12 Snowmen

I loved my candy canes so much, I decided I didn't want to remove them!  I used Bria as a model this time.  Her nails have been sorely neglected since I started this challenge and I thought these would be perfect for her.  
I really love Robin Moses' snowmen nails HERE (tee hee) but knew I could never recreate them myself, so I went with THIS.  I wanted to do step by step pictures, but it is much more difficult to do with someone else.  However,I loved these so much that I took several pics of the finished product!

With Flash

Without Flash
Left Hand

Here's how it was done.
  • Base coat
  • One coat of Sinful Colors Cinderella
  • Sponged tips with Different Dimension Selene.  Want more about this indie?  Check it HERE
  • Stamped with Konad Special White and Bundle Monster BM-323, BM-319, BM14 and Konad m5
  • One coat of Revlon Moon Candy Supernova (the flakey)
  • Snowman head with Ulta White
  • Carrot nose with Avon Art Orange
  • Added eyes with dotting tool and Sinful Colors Black
  • Added a thin layer of top coat on the bottom of the snowman and while still wet created the smile with tiny little balls from MUA Nail Constellations (supposed to be used for caviar nails)
  • Finally a last layer of top coat.
Whatch ya think?  I love them!  Don't forget to check all the cute snowmen!


  1. Love them!!! I don't want to take my candy cane mani off either :/ lol

    1. Candy canes were the one mani I thought would come off right away, but nope, this is the third day with them on, but they have to come off today for day 5. Boo hoo :(

    2. By the way, watch for my Liebster post today!

  2. Love it! It is always so much fun to use kids for our nail art >.<

    1. Yeah! They appreciate it so much and gives us an "excuse" to spend a lot of time together! I've tried to convince my boy that having black nails with with a throwing star would be cool, but he isn't convinced :) Probably a good thing!

  3. I promised my kiddo I'd do her nails if she finished her homework and got one of the things due Friday done, too. She's working hard right now! Great job! I can't stamp myself -- maybe I should try it on a victim first!

    1. Nothing like a nail polish bribe to get a job done! Stamping just takes practice...might as well practice on a victim.