Monday, December 24, 2012

Day 12 of 12 Santa

Before I show my Santa, I wanted to say thank you to Kristine from Pink & Polished for all her hard work to make this challenge available to all of us.  I learned a lot during this challenge, especially how sweet and supportive the nail community is.  Thanks for all my lovely new followers!  I also am so glad that my first challenge was a 12 day one instead of a 30 or 31 day challenge.  I learned that I don't like to just create nail art, I like to wear it.  It made me so sad sometimes when I could only wear my nails one day (sometimes less)!  So here is the last one.  I look forward to visiting all your blogs in the future to see all your lovely nails.

Here's how I did it:
  • Two Coats of Nails Inc Gatwick.  This is a lovely matte red that reminds me of fabric...or at least that was the idea :)
  • The coat/hat trim was done with Revlon Pure Pearl
  • Santa's face was done with Avon Ballerina 
  • The beard was done with OPI Peace Baby!, the off white shade that I have been searching for and actually found at CVS (aren't they not supposed to sell those?).  I let the first coat dry and then added some more with a small art brush to create "whiskers".
  • The gold on the belt is a China Glaze Magnetic (I can't remember the name right off the top of my head)
I was sooo happy with my little Santa face.  I think it was the whiskers.  Of course he should have had white eyes with black dots, but oh well, it wouldn't one of my manicures if there wasn't some room for improvement (tee hee).

Well, now that my first challenge is over, I'm a little sad.  Of course it isn't over until you check out all the other Santas!