Sunday, December 23, 2012

Day 10 of 12 Elves

As per usual, I couldn't just do a traditional elf mani.  My daughter has a beautiful book that has fairy elves in it and I thought about doing those, but just don't have the talent.  Then, as were sitting watching Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer, inspirations struck.

So I used my lovely sis-in-law as a nail model as I was unready to take off my own mani.  Now that I am not in the middle of the design, I realize that I could have done so much more.  I wish I would have done at least one nail with a cute little coat instead of all hats.  Oh well, here it is!

See how the cuticles have that little "hook" of unpainted area.  This is because the brush on my base polish sucked!  If I had been doing it on myself, I would have filled it in with a little art brush, but I am always a little afraid of appearing way too anal when I do other peoples nails, so I just left it.  It wasn't noticeable in real life, just in that beloved/hated macro setting.  And here's how I did it.
  • Base coat
  • Two coats Maybelline Denim Dash 
  • Striped with Revlon Copper Penny
  • Stamped with China Glaze Poetic and Bundle Monster BM06

Now that you have seen my simple little mani, go check out all the other little elves!

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