Saturday, August 10, 2013

SYTYCD Fashion Friday on Saturday

With all the challenges I have this month, I have been neglecting my So You Think You Can Dance Fashion Fridays :(.  Now that the Black & White challenge is over, that is going to change!  Here is the latest.

 This was inspired by Mackenzie Dustman's elimination dress during the top 14 episode.

Per normal, it was hard to find a decent image of this dress.  The image on the right is/was more color accurate, but the quality sucks, so I added the other so you could get a closer look.  Aren't they all gorgeous!

I started with two coats of PIXI Luminous Lilac.  Please forgive the pre-clean-up pics. This is one of those colors that can't decide on what it wants to be in life...purple?  In some lighting it is definetely pink with a delicate silver twinkle.  In others it looks like a pink tinged lavender.  The formula was pleasant, self leveling and good coverage with one coat.  In fact, this might make a good stamping polish.

Next I stamped with Layla Retro Pink and PUEEN44.


 Next I stamped with QA46 and Finger Paints Black Expressionism for the black lace at the top.  Finally I added the flowers with MM07 and China Glaze Poetic

Final look for comparison?

What do you think?  Pink?  Purple?  Pirple?  Thanks as always for looking and commenting!



  1. Nice manicure inspired by that dress! :)

    1. Thanks Lisa! As soon as I saw it I was like ooo, ooo, ooo, that's the one!