Friday, August 2, 2013

Playing Catch Up

I am playing catch up on a couple of challenges, so there will be multiple postings today.  Please forgive me....and if you don't....why are you reading my posts anyways!  This is for Llama Nails Inspired by Artists.

 What the *bleep* is this?  When I look at the pics, it looks like a muddled mess.  But this is what inspired it.

Now does it make sense?  This is inspired by Seurat's Alfalfa Fields Saint Denis.  Maybe I should have used "inspired" instead of "recreate" tee hee.

There is no way I could create this with Seurat's famed pointilism, so I used a sponge instead.  Instead of my typical makeup sponge, I used bits of a kitchen sponge.  Once again, I learned so much doing this mani (this is why I do challenges).  I started with a wet sponge, which worked perfect.  As I went along, however, the pieces of sponge started to dry out and did not give the same effect of small dotted texture (see my ring and pinkie for examples).  Also, for sponging different colors, I really needed to let each color dry before adding the next, otherwise it would remove the color under it when applied.  I even added a few of the buildings.


For some reason, I missed getting a pic of all 5 fingers, so here is my thumb.  What do you think?  Thanks for looking and commenting!