Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Black & White Catch Up

Tee hee!  I crack myself up.  I swear, I am such a dork!  What's so funny?  See the heading?  I am trying to think of what would make black and white ketchup.  Told you I was a dork!

Enough laughing at myself, on to the nails!  Today's theme for the black and white challenge from Nail Art Challengez is freehand.  I will be honest, I think my freehand is for shit, but sometimes I surprise myself.  Not I took the easy way out.  Too much to do to agonize over this mani!


Yep, just a simple doticure.  I LOVE this, no matter how simple it is!  So very strong woman, punk, dominatrixish.  


This started with one of my all time favorite polishes, Nails Inc Noho.  I have serious love for textured polish, but this one is unique.  It is a shiny with a subtle texture that looks like leather on your nails.  What could be more perfect?  It is one of a handful of polishes that I have worn as a base more than twice and it will not be the last time you will see it.  Serious polish crush.


Next I dotted with clear polish and smaller dots of Revlon Pure Pearl.  I was temped to put little pearl beads, instead of the dots, but I didn't think it fit with the freehand theme....Although I do put them on with my free hand (tee hee).  What do you think?  Is this your style?  Don't forget to check out all the other B&W manis!

Thanks for looking and commenting!



  1. I love this! I too am in love with Noho (all the Nails Inc leathers!) and the dots/studs look awesome!

    1. Thanks Cazzy! I was just eying some other colors online, but just cannot justify it at this time :(

  2. I like the simplicity of it! :)