Thursday, October 9, 2014

Blog Sale Dupes

Today I have a comparison of two gold with pink glitter combinations in my BLOG SALE process.

Left Finger Paints Go Baroque -- Right Milani Golden Romance

On the left is Finger Paints Go Baroque.  On the right is Milani Golden Romance.  In the bottles they look different.  There seems to be more gold shimmer to Golden Romance.  The beauty of these was really hard to capture with my camera.  Only the last picture, taken outside, gives you a real sense of their majesty.  Let's see how it looks on the nails.

Here we have one coat over my horribly stained nails.  Index and ring are Golden Romance.  Middle and pinkie are Go Baroque.  Both have issues with clumping of the larger glitter. They look pretty much the same here.

Two coats above.  a little bit more distribution of the larger glitters, but basically the same.  Golden Romance may have a little bit more coverage at this point, but it is only the keen eye that would notice.

Three coats.  Most of the bare spots are covered with both.  Golden Romance may be a bit more yellow gold than bronze, but again, it is barely perceptible.  

Finally four coats.  Um....Dupes.  Total dupes in my book!  They both applied pretty much the same.  Dry time and removal was the same.

This gives you a bit better sense of how gorgeous these are.  Gold shimmer with rose and gold glitter.  It doesn't get more vintage than this!  So which one did I keep and which went into the blog sale?  Check out my store HERE to find out!

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