Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Blog Sale!

Welcome one and all!  So many exciting things happening in my neck of the woods!  I won't spill all the beans yet, not wanting to jinx things, but know that I have been very busy!

With time on my hands and very little money, I have decided to jump into the world of blog sales.  I have been wanting to whittle down my collection for awhile, but it is difficult.  So I decided, being the organized person that I am, to do some comparisons of similar colors/glitters to narrow things down.  I am going to be sharing my findings with you and, at the same time, showing you some of what is in my blog sale.  Just know that there are lots of goodies over there, including some discontinued indies!

Today we have a comparison of a couple of holo glitter toppers.

Left Pahlish The Clock is Striking Twelve's - Right Finger Paints Peacock Portrait

On the left we have Pahlish The Clock is Striking Twelves, heretofore known as TCIST.  On the right is Finger Paints Peacock Portrait.  In the bottle they look similar, but not dupes.  Of course, my pictures do not capture the beauty of these glitters as the holo bits like to hide from the camera.  Let's see some swatches.

This is two coats of both over my horribly stained bare nails.   Index and ring is TCIST.  Middle and pinkie is Peacock Portrait.  There is a definite difference on the nail.  The glitter in TCIST is larger, where as there are small holo glitters in Peacock Portrait.  In addition to the holo glitters, they both contain black matte glitter, but TCIST has the addition of white squares and Peacock Portrait has teal glitter.  Lets Move on from my ugly nails :)

Here we have two coats over grey.  TCIST is chunkier and more full coverage.  With both of these, I tried normal application on the first coat.  I was somewhat successful with TCIST, just needed to go back and daub some bare areas.  Peacock Portrait, however, needed full daubage as the brush strokes draged the glitter down to the end of the nail.  I swiped on the second coat of TCIST, with success, and tried the same with Peacock portrait, but, again it needed daubage.

Finally, two coats of each over black.  I think this is where you can see the greatest difference as the white shows up in TCIST and the teal in Peacock Portrait.  Similar, but not dupes.  I think TCIST might succeed full coverage with three daubed coats, whereas it would take several more with Peacock Portrait.

These are both lovely glitters in their own rights, and it is tempting to keep them both, but I am thinning down, right?  Can you guess which one I kept and which one went to the blog sale?  Hop on over to see which one didn't make the cut....or was cut....or whatever.  See you tomorrow with another comparison!


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  1. Hope everything in your sale sells! These are pretty.