Saturday, October 11, 2014

Purple Texture Dupes


There are several colors I have a weakness for and purple is one of them.  Throw in some texture and I am hooked.  So today I am going to do a BLOG SALE comparison post on two purple "sand" polishes.

On the left is Milani Purple Gleam.  On the right is Zoya Carter.  Purple Gleam was one of my early drugstore purchases and I really love it.  Then I saw swatches of Carter and wanted it too.  You can see that they are different colors with Purple Gleam more red leaning and Carter blue leaning.  On to the nails!

This is one coat.  You can see that Purple Gleam is a one coat glitter, if you wanted.  It has a black base crap filled with purple glitter.  Carter, on the other hand, is a purple jelly base with a much less dense spattering of purple glitter.

Here we have two coats of purple gleam and three coats of carter.  Again, the color is in the same family, but more like cousins rather than siblings.  Purple Gleam has a smoother texture than Carter, if that matters to you.  Do I want to keep both of these?  Yes.  Am I going to?  No.  Head on over to my BLOG SALE to pick up the one that did not make the cut.

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