Monday, February 25, 2013

The Hardest Polish to Photograph

Let it Snow NAC theme today is Winter Ombre/Gradient.  I decided on a gradient, as I am not wild about ombres.  Bria's nails got the mani this week!

I started with two coats of Essie A Crewed Interest.  This is a lovely creamy pink that kept washing out, I think because of the glitter.  It looks like a nude on Bria's pale and pinkish fingers, but on me it looks like a lovely pale, coral leaning pink.

I have had this polish on my wish list for a long time, and guess where I found it?  Walgreens!  I stopped at a Walgreens I don't normally patronize and found a bin full of clearanced cosmetics, including several polishes.  I was like a dog looking for a bone digging through it all.  Then I found an end cap with more polish, and there it was, this lovely pink for only $4!

While I was there, I also picked up Wet n Wild Frosted Over.

I have to admit it, I purchased this because of the bottle.  Don't judge me!  They had a bunch of these standing up in a display like suckers.  Are they trying to say something about polish buyers?  I really like this polish, except for two reasons.  First is what I found when I opened the bottle.

 This is the wonkiest brush I have ever seen!  Just took a few snips with my nails scissors to fix though.  The next reason I have a love hate relationship with this polish is that it is IMPOSSIBLE to capture in pics.  The glitter shows, but it is also filled with a duochrome shimmer with a teal/pink/purple shift.  You can kind of see it in the bottom bottle shot above, and a little bit of the teal on the out of focus nails in this shot, especially the index finger.

and a bit of the pink on the edge of the middle finger in this pic....

But I could never capture the purple in any of the many pics I took (thanks for your patience Bria!)  See all that "muddy yellow" looking shimmer?  IRL that all is that duochrome shimmer, shifting from teal to pink to purple.  Oh well, you know where to go to see it in real life, anywhere that sells Wet n Wild.  One last pic that shows more of the teal on the pinky.  I really took TONS of photos trying to capture this, so be glad that this is the last (tee hee).

Now you can see the rest of the manis


  1. I bought Frosted Over too. Haven't tried it yet though. I wasn't that impressed with them...can't wait to see what my brush looks like lmao

    1. Really, that display was what got me. And Bria said all her friends really liked this. "The best one yet, they said. Course they say that every time" direct quote.