Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Toxic Love

I have entered a nail contest held by Glitter Me This.  The theme is Valentine/Anti-Valentine, so no red or pink allowed.  Here is what I (well, not really me, but more on that later) came up with.  If you like this, go vote for me HERE.  If not, go check out who you would like to vote for (tee hee).

So, what do you think?  Anti-Valentine?  So I have to tell you the story behind this mani.  Not too long ago I found out that my hubby has never seen my blog.  Although it was him that first directed me to the Konad stand at the State Fair and even encouraged me to make my first purchase, he just isn't that interested.  I show him all my manis and he likes them, but after all, it is just nails and polish, right?  Then I won my first giveaway and he became a bit interested.  When he saw my nails posted on a blog other than my own after I entered a contest, he became a little more interested.  Now he doesn't roll his eyes or stare blankly at me when I talk to him about my nails (tee hee).

So when I told him about this contest and how I was having so much trouble coming up with a design that did not have ANY pink or red in it, not even a pink shimmer in a polish, he actually responded.  "Purple," he said "Purple as the base with  toxic lime green hearts".  Brilliant, my husband is!  But it didn't end there!  My son was listening in on the conversation.  "Yeah, lime green like is on our Outbreak Omega shirts.  You should use the biohazard symbol too!"  So brilliance runs in the family (tee hee).  Hubby even helped me pick the colors.  So this is a family inspired mani, although it does not represent how I feel about my family at all!

Without Flash
 I started with two coats of Pomegranate Improv Show.  it is a beautiful dark purple plumy purple with blue and pink micro glitter.  The only complaint I have about this polish is the micro glitter, which makes clean up a bitch, but makes the color anything but.  Just took a little extra scrubbing after it was dry and safe to clean my hands.

With Flash
If you haven't tried Pomegranate lacquers, you should!  You can find it online HERE.  I picked up 4 shades during a Christmas sale and love every single one.  The application is smooth and easy and although dry time was a little longer than other polish, it wasn't the worst I have dealt with (one of the worst is coming up tomorrow).  Well worth the wait though.

Next I added a layer of Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Lickety Split Lime to my ring finger and painted the biohazard symbols with the same color.  The symbols were pretty easy, just a vertical skinny X and a vertical like straight across and fill in the triangles.  I stamped the ring finger with Orly Wild Wisteria and Bundle Monster BM311.  When I tried to stamp with Improve, the green was coming through too much.  Then I used Ozotic Shattered 910 to make the heart in the middle of the image into another biohazard symbol.  I made the mistake of trying to touch up the symbol with the Orly instead of the Pomegranate.  Didn't really notice the difference in the purples till I saw the photos.  Oh well. 
I added some Nina Electric Slide to just the green parts of the symbol to add some glitter, etc. and stamped over the symbols with Bundle Monster BM09 and Essie Good as Gold.  In real life, the love was hard to see, but I knew it was there and it made me smile.  

On my thumb I added a partial stamping from plate m78, which stamped pretty good for a fauxnad.

So one last look at the whole thing before you go?  Sure, why not!  Don't forget to go vote for your favorite anti-Valentine mani HERE!




  1. This is brilliant! Toxic love hah! I love green and purple combinations and the toxic symbol is my most favorite part of this look. Good luck on the contest :)

  2. This is clever! I like the biohazard symbols, especially that shimmery one inside the heart on your ring finger. Awesome! Thank you for visiting my blog! Glad to find yours and follow!

  3. Ha! I was already following. Excuse me. My brain is mush.

    1. Yep, I think I discovered your blog because you started to follow me (tee hee). We all have mush brains sometimes. Don't ask me about the time I forgot to wear a bra to work!

  4. I have tried multiple times to get bm311 to work. I've even had the plate replaced. What is your trick?

    1. Which image are you having problems with? The multiple loves? I had problems with that one too. The left bottom love just doesn't show up. I tried to make sure that it was on the tip. I have also placed or painted embellishments in the blank space. I had problems with the heart too, so I just painted it in.

  5. I have tried multiple times to get bm311 to work. I've even had the plate replaced. What is your trick?