Monday, February 18, 2013

Broken Hearts and Failed Manis

The theme for yesterday, which I am posting today, was/is broken hearts.  I had great plans for this mani.  I'm beginning to think that I need to stop planning, because this is my least favorite mani I have done....ever.  But I decided to post it anyways, failure or no.  Everyone loves a fail, right?  Makes us all feel a little better about our own.

The idea was using a "shatter" polish to make shattered hearts.  For some reason the shatter polish wouldn't shatter.  Maybe I didn't get it thick enough....or too thick....who knows.  This same polish has shattered perfectly in the past.  Oh well.

I started with Maybeline Downtown Brown.  Want to see it on it's own?  Check my previous post HERE.  It is one of my favorite browns, creamy with a teal shimmer.

Next I cut hearts out of tape, added to my nails and painted over with China Glaze Oxidized Aqua.  No shatter...or very little.  I painted my ring finger with the same, with more shatter, then added another heart (freehand this time) with Downtown Brown.  That's it.  Me no likey.  Oh well, we all have fails.  Go check the others.


  1. I don't think it's a fail, you are just being to hard on yourself :D

    1. You're so sweet Jenna! Most of the manis I think are fails are ones that I have an image in my head of what it SHOULD look like. Oh well. I have an awesome mani to post in the next few days that I am soooo happy with. We all have out good and bad days!