Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Day 8 Crumpet DC - Duochrome Flakie

Day 8 of the Crumpet Tarts 31 Day Challenge is duochrome, flakie or holo.  What do all these terms mean?  If you are interested, the best definition of most polish finishes I found on Nihrida's website HERE.  This is a great resource for both novice and experienced nail artists.  Here's the lowdown on these three finishes.
  • Duochrome - Polishes with duochrome finish shift between two or more colors, depending on the angle of looking at it. 
  • Flakie - A polish, either pigmented or clear, that contains flakes in it.  To be considered a flakie, the particles must be larger than a shimmer and irregular in size and shape.  The flakes can metallic, colored, Mylar, glass, or other.  I have so many flakies in my stash, it is a little embarrassing.  My favorites are Mylar, which shift color when viewed from different directions, just like a duochrome.  
  • Holo - This is drawn from the term holographic.  Once again, holos reflect different colors from different angles, however the difference is that holos have very small reflective particles that give a rainbow effect.  
Now that all the defining is done (which you all probably knew anyways) here's what I did.

I chose to both a duochrome and a flakie.  Although duochromes are usually considered metallic in color, I loosely consider this base coat a duochrome as it changes from brown to green to teal at different angles.  Let me show you what I mean (please forgive all the pics as it was really hard to capture the color change).

Can you see the different colors?  I was only able to capture the teal in only one color.  Some might consider this more of a shimmer, but for this challenge, I am claiming it as a duochrome.  This is two coats of Maybelline Downtown Brown.  It went on so smoothly with faint brush strokes showing, but without the bald patches you can sometimes get if you overwork the polish trying to get the brush strokes neat.  Although I usually don't like Maybelline polishes (they often are thin and streaky) this went on like a dream.

Next I painted a stripe of Hits Lambada slightly off center on each nail.  I purchased Lambada from Llarowe HERE.  This is probably one of my favorite flakies, at least of the ones that I own (tee hee).  It reflects green, blue, orange, yellow and red, depending on the angle of each individual flake.  Some flakies are very difficult to apply, but this Hits goes on smoothly with no bare spots...even after only one coat.  Finally I used my Sinful Colors black striper to define the edges of Lambada.  Here's a few more pics, just to show you the color changing gloriousness of these two together.

So there is my color changing, heavy pic mani.  Go check all the others!