Monday, January 7, 2013

AIS Book You Are Reading

I have over done it.  Before I entered the Crumpet Tarts 31 Day Challenge, I had asked to join a Facebook group, Adventures in Stamping.  I have been wanting to join this group for awhile, since what I mostly do is stamping, but wanted to get my blog rolling before I did.  Then I entered I asked to join another Facebook group, The Nail Challenge Collaborative.  I was just looking for ways to keep having something to post.  I hadn't been accepted by either group, so I joined the Crumpet Tarts.  Shortly after, I was accepted by the other two groups!  Thanks goodness the two Facebook groups only have one challenge per week.  This means, however, that I may post two or three times in one day!  This is one of those days.  This mani is for the Adventures in Stamping group, which you can find HEREThe theme is a book you are currently reading.  What if you don't read?.....Who am I kidding?  I have tons of books on my iPhone patiently waiting to be devoured 15 minutes at a time (tee hee).  I am currently reading Every Dead Thing by John Connolly.  Murder....Mystery....Mayhem.  I'm only halfway through, but it is good if you like that kind of thing.  Serial killers and all.

Since I do all my reading on my iPhone, I didn't have this image and didn't look it up before doing the mani, but I think I did pretty good anyways.  The index, middle and pinky are supposed to represent torn flesh (ewwww).  The serial killer in this book says that he is a demon, so I added a demon tail on my ring finger.  And then, of course, the skull and cross bones on my thumb.  Here's how I did it.
  • Two coats of Layla Soft Touch Effects 07 for base on all fingers.  If you want to see this in all it's matte glory, check my post HERE.
  • Index, middle and pinky stamped with Sally Hanson Insta-Dry Quick Sand and BM-312.
  • Thumb stamped with Konad Special White and BM-225.
  • Ring stamped with Konad Special Black and BM-305.
  • Top coat, which ruined the lovely matte finish, but protected and highlighted the stamping.
So there you have it, my murder and mayhem nails.


  1. Great mani!! These would look good around Halloween time, too!

    1. Thanks! It felt a little weird to have such horror themed nails in January (tee hee)

  2. These look awesome. I love books like that, especially the Dexter books!

    1. Yeah....I usually figure it out before the end, but I am only half way through and already been shocked and surprised at least 3 times. Good book!