Thursday, January 17, 2013


I have almost reached 50 followers!  I can't believe it!  Thanks to all you who read my babblings and look at my "art".  I anticipate doing a giveaway shortly after I reach 50 followers.  I have been collecting things and am excited to provide the chance to win some goodies, if I can just figure out the whole rafflecopter thing.

I also am looking for some feedback as to how to improve so I may ask you, my beloved readers, a few questions over the next few weeks.  Right now I am looking to get a "second opinion" about my pics.  Just a couple questions.  Do you like the flash/no flash swatches with my base coat colors?  Do I crop my photos too tightly?  Do I make them to big on the blog?  Do I provide too many pics?  Not enough?  Are they of good quality?  I look at these pics so much when taking, editing and posting, that I feel like I lose my objectivity.  In my opinion, the quality of my pics is more important than anything I ever actually say about them. 

Your feedback is greatly appreciated!


  1. Go, Tina! Congratulations!!

    Hehe, I wonder about so many of the very same things with my pictures, too. Flash and no-flash aren't a big deal to me, but I know there are others who like seeing the difference. Really, so many of these come down to personal preference...My attitude is that it's good to take your readers' opinions into account, but it's more important to do things the way that you like 'em. ^_^

    Just taking a short peek back at your archives, I see definite improvement in your photos, in your lighting and clean-up and all that stuff, and I have no doubt you're going to continue to get even better! Cheers & all the best!!

  2. I prefer natural light vs. indoor light. However, I too can see you are improving with every post. Just have fun.

    1. Thanks for the input. Sometimes the indoor light just shows the color more accurately, that's why I post both.